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Staying Secure with Tokenization Solutions During the Cloud Migration Journey

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⇨ For a successful cloud migration journey, SAP users should establish a digital security system that would protect vulnerable data from any cyber-attack or leak risks.

⇨ Tokenization is a valuable tool that can help businesses protect their sensitive data during the cloud migration or updates installment in the systems' underlying database.

⇨ By watching out for partnerships like the one between SAP and Thales, organizations can equip themselves with secure solutions for data protection without adding another layer of worry associated with risks during the cloud migration process.

Most modern businesses are aware that a digital transformation is a necessary step to successfully utilize SAP systems. Whether SAP users are gathering their teams in preparation for migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA or writing down steps for cloud update installments, it is crucial to establish a system that would protect vulnerable data from any cyber-attacks or leaks.

One of the ways to protect businesses’ data is by turning to innovative solutions like tokenization. The tokenization process replaces sensitive data with format-preserving, randomly generated strings of characters or symbols in the systems’ underlying database. Application users can then access tokenized data, all while improving compliance with data protection regulations.

With that in mind, SAP users should watch out for suppliers who specialize in security policies implementation. One such company is Thales, a supplier of tokenization solutions who recently partnered with SAP to establish a co-innovation partnership. Together, SAP and Thales provide the first SAP-certified tokenization solution, integrated in the SAP Data Custodian – CipherTrust.

CipherTrust is a tokenization platform which protects sensitive data by substituting non-sensitive data. Providing both vaultless and vaulted tokenization, CipherTrust can tokenize data through various channels such as dynamic data masking, multi-tenancy, and centralized tokenization templates. With CipherTrust, SAP users can tokenize specific fields and assign policies that determine which users have access to sensitive data. Thus, specific business functions may all have access to the same application but have permissions to see different application fields. In other words, token values will show in place of real data in any unauthorized field.

There are major benefits of tokenization that SAP users should know. First, tokenization offers efficient removal of card holder data from PCI DSS scope with minimal cost and effort. Furthermore, it protects personally identifiable information from unauthorized access. Tokenizing data also eliminates risk when moving data to the cloud or big data environments. By adding a solution like CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager, highly regulated customers can externally root the encryption keys in support of Bring Your Own Keys (BYOK) data security policies.

Whatever goals businesses pursue in their drive for innovation, be it cloud migration or the overall digital transformation, it is important to establish all necessary security policies. This way, SAP users can stay confident that sensitive data is reliably protected and enjoy all cloud benefits without worry or doubt from any associated cyber risks.

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