Gene Kaalsen

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Gene Kaalsen

SAP Strategist, APAC, Splunk


Gene is a highly accomplished individual contributor, sales leader, and alliance manager, consistently surpassing budgets, forecasts, and expectations. With over 25 years of experience in enterprise software, he has excelled in sales, business development, sales management, and partner management roles across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, and Japan, establishing himself as a leader in the industry. Driven by a professional focus and a determination to achieve both personal and company goals, he actively contributes to strategic planning and plays a pivotal role in attaining medium and long-term objectives. His versatility, energy, personal dedication, and adaptability enable him to provide strong leadership and inspire full commitment from his team. Through clear and effective communication, he ensures that everyone he collaborates with possesses a comprehensive understanding of goals, objectives, and individual responsibilities.

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