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Hands-On Lab IT Infrastructure & Operations Application Development and Automation SAP BTP

Delve into ABAP Cloud on SAP BTP ABAP environment

The ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP) is at the heart of the ABAP Cloud development model for building transactional apps and services on SAP BTP ABAP environment and SAP S/4HANA, in the cloud and on-premise. Learn how to use RAP features such as late numbering, side effects, and business events to build your own SAP Fiori apps. The session focusses on the ABAP development in the ABAP Development Tools.

You will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the core concepts of the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (RAP) to harness its capabilities effectively.
  • Learn how to utilize key RAP features such as late numbering, side effects, and business events.
  • Explore how to use RAP to build custom SAP Fiori apps.
  • Dive into the specifics of ABAP development within the ABAP Development Tools.
Frank Jentsch


Hands-On Lab IT Infrastructure & Operations SAP BTP Cybersecurity

Get Hands-On Security Recommendations For Your SAP BTP Environment

This session will educate participants on enhancing the security of their SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) environment. Attendees will get a comprehensive overview on how to configure SAP BTP services securely. From identity authentication and secure connectivity to leveraging the audit log service, the session will cover the essential techniques to fortify SAP BTP environment against security threats and ensure that participants are equipped with essential techniques and strategies to secure their SAP BTP environments.

You will:

  • Understand the foundation for a secure configuration.
  • Gain insights to a broad spectrum of vital security techniques, ranging from identity authentication to secure connectivity.
  • Learn to utilize the audit log service effectively within the SAP BTP environment.
Juergen Adolf
Security Expert
Security Solutions Expert at SAP, guiding customers on our security products and features. I address queries, offer insights, and showcase the benefits of our business technology platform. At SAP and non-SAP events, I conduct lectures and hands-on sessions. I bridge customer needs to development, ensuring our products stay cutting-edge. Dedicated to creating a safer digital world, I continuously learn and advocate for robust cybersecurity practices.


Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations SAP BTP

Embrace Event-Driven Architecture with SAP Integration Suite

In the dynamic landscape of event-driven paradigms, event-driven architectures (EDA) have emerged as a dominant force. While numerous software providers tend to focus on the technical dimensions of EDA, SAP distinguishes itself by underscoring the profound business advantages it offers. This session delves into the realm of harnessing event-driven scenarios through the SAP Integration Suite, leveraging an advanced event mesh to establish a cohesive ecosystem that enhances interactions among employees, partners, and customers throughout your enterprise.

You will learn:

  • How Henkel uses SAP BTP overall.
  • How Henkel built this SAP Build Apps Project with Integration Suite.
  • What challenges faced during the project.
Craig Stasila
Senior Director, Solution Managment
Craig Stasila is a Senior Direction of Solution Management for Enterprise Integration at SAP. His career spans more than 24 years of SAP implementation, product development, product management, presales, and solution management during which he covered a range of platform and integration technologies. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two girls, playing basketball, going to live music shows, and running.


Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations SAP BTP

Accelerating Digitalization with SAP Business Technology Platform: From Buying to Building

In the ever-evolving digital era, organizations are experiencing a profound paradigm change, transitioning from buying off-the-shelf software solutions to harnessing the power of development platforms like SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). This seismic shift empowers businesses to break free from the constraints of pre-packaged solutions and embark on a journey of unparalleled innovation and customization. In this transformative session, we delve into the realm of digitalization and explore how SAP BTP revolutionizes the way organizations approach software development. How do we embrace SAP BTP world of possibilities, fostering agility, scalability, and efficiency in building cutting-edge applications that drive unparalleled business growth and success and what changes organization face.

You will:

  • Understand SAP BTP from a customer perspective.
  • Learn how the cloud platform supports your digitalization programs.
  • Gain input on how your organization can be impacted.
Juan Francisco Zurita Duque
Sapere K/S

Expert in designing and implementing SAP Business Technology Platform solutions for the pharmaceutical sector in the Nordic countries. My specialization lies in formulating strategies and executing complex integration projects, utilizing hybrid-cloud architectures that transform enterprise landscapes with extensive SAP footprints in both Cloud and On-Premise environments. Recognizing the significance of cloud technologies, I am adept at guiding organizations through transformative journeys. My expertise extends to kickstarting SAP BTP projects, providing management, qualification, validation, and governance for SAP BTPtechnology and services. I offer valuable insights into the SAP Integration Suite and building Enterprise grade solutions with Sap BTP complete stack of services. By harnessing the power of cloud platforms, I contribute to catalyzing meaningful organizational change, empowering businesses to stay agile, innovative, and competitive in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations On-Premise + Cloud Operations SAP BTP

SAP BTP Embrace Efficiency with SAP Cloud ALM: Empowering SAP Business Technology Platform Operations

Learn about the robust capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM catering to SaaS services and custom-built applications integrated with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Discover how SAP Cloud ALM serves as a centralized hub offering a single entry point for managing and monitoring the health, integrations, exceptions, and performance of SAP BTP services and applications. Gain insights into the product roadmap getting a sneak peek at innovations set to enhance your operational prowess. Join this session to unlock the potential of SAP Cloud ALM optimizing your SAP Business Technology Platform operations for productivity and success.

You will take away:

  • Gain comprehensive insights into the functionalities and features of SAP Cloud ALM.
  • Learn how to manage and monitor various SaaS services integrated with SAP BTP using SAP Cloud ALM.
  • Discover best practices to enhance the performance of custom-built applications on SAP BTP by leveraging SAP Cloud ALM’s monitoring and management tools.
  • Explore how SAP Cloud ALM acts as a centralized hub to handle integrations, exceptions, and overall health of SAP BTP services and applications.
Stefan Lahr
Support Expert
Stefan is a member of the SAP Focused Run and SAP Cloud ALM product management team and responsible for the coordination of the rollout activities globally. In this role he is delivering all kind of pre-sales services to customers and also developing the material for events like ALM Summit, SAP TechEd, etc.


Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations On-Premise + Cloud Operations SAP BTP

Empowering Efficient SAP System Management with SAP BTP and SAP Landscape Management Cloud

See how SAP Landscape Management Cloud software lets you optimize and automate your SAP system management, such as for SAP S/4HANA. Combine SAP Landscape Management Cloud with other SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) services using provided events and REST APIs, and automate your landscape management use cases.
Key takeaways:

  • Gain an understanding of the features and functionalities of SAP Landscape Management Cloud and SAP system management processes with a focus on SAP S/4HANA landscapes.
  • Learn how to integrate SAP Landscape Management Cloud with other SAP BTP services using provided events and REST APIs.
  • Discover where SAP Landscape Management Cloud can be leveraged to automate landscape management operations.
  • Explore how the integration of SAP Landscape Management Cloud with SAP BTP can lead to enhanced productivity, streamlined operations, and improved system management efficiency.
Michael Jilg
Director of Solution Management
Michael has been working as Director Solution Management in the SAP Cloud and Lifecycle Management organization for 10 years now. In that role he has a focus supporting customers on their journey to the hybrid SAP Cloud and with that experience he helps also defining services and product functionalities. Michael joined SAP in 2010 as Business Development Manager Platform Technology, bringing over 20 years’ prior experience in various roles in project management, SAP IT-architecture, product and partner management gained while working with customers around Europe in various industries.

Daniela Schmidt
Daniela Schmidt is a developer at SAP and is responsible for the development of the SAP product – SAP Landscape Management Cloud (LaMa Cloud). Additionally, she is functioning as Security Champion and Threat Modeling Expert in her team. She has special knowledge in the field of network architectures and how to ensure a secure communication because of her degree in Computer Science (M. Sc.) and Information and Communication Technology (M. Sc.).



Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations SAP BTP Integration + Enterprise Architecture

Accelerate Your Implementation: SAP Developer’s Guide to Business Applications on SAP BTP

The SAP Developer’s Guide to business applications development on SAP BTP provides you with a comprehensive blueprint to streamline your implementation project. Gain insights into the software development and delivery process ensuring a smooth and efficient development journey. Learn how to deliver Cloud Qualities and comply with SAP Product standards enabling you to build high-quality and reliable business applications. Join us to equip yourself with the essential knowledge and resources to expedite your implementation and drive successful outcomes on SAP BTP.

You will:

  • Understand the architecture blueprint provided in the Developer’s Guide.
  • Explore the curated list of services specifically chosen for standard business application development enabling you to make informed decisions about the right tools and technologies for your projects.
  • Learn about the software development and delivery process outlined in the guide ensuring an organized and efficient workflow, from development to deployment and optimizing your application’s time-to-market.
  • Discover instructions on delivering Cloud Qualities and complying with SAP Product Standards.
Yuval Anafi
Amista NV
Director of Product Management

Lead product owner for SAP Business Application Studio and SAP WebIDE.

Tim Black
Chief Architect

Tim Back is Chief Development Architect in Business Technology Platform at SAP.


Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations SAP BTP

Lessons learned over 50+ SAP BTP projects

Learn lessons learned from projects to enhance your success with SAP BTP. Pieter-Jan has been actively engaged in over 50+ projects on SAP BTP over the past decade. Gain valuable knowledge and practical advice that can positively impact your endeavors with SAP BTP.

You will:

  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of SAP BTP.
  • Understand SAP BTP Governance.
  • Hear SAP BTP Architecture advice.
Pieter-Jan Deraedt
Amista NV

Pieter-Jan Deraedt is a SAP Architect mainly focussed on SAP Cloud solutions. Today he runs a Belgian consulting company Amista, where SAP BTP is key pillar in their offering.


Impact 20 IT Infrastructure + Operations SAP BTP

ELSA, The All-in-One Application for Decommissioning

The cost of maintaining legacy systems can be expensive. Some legacy systems will be needed for decades due to legal audit or regulatory reasons. Join us for a live demo of Enterprise Legacy System Application (ELSA), an SAP BTP certified cloud platform application enabling you to safely decommission legacy systems.

You will:

  • Learn how to safely shut down legacy systems and remain tax, audit and GDPR compliant.
  • Understand how to access legacy data at any time, from any source, through ELSA or SAP S/4HANA.
  • Discover the main features of ELSA.
  • Explore how to simplify your IT landscape when moving to SAP S/4HANA or another ERP.
Thierry Julien
TJC Group

Thierry Julien is the CEO and founder of TJC Group. Thierry has intensive experience in SAP Archiving and ILM. While he has worked with hundreds of SAP customers around the world, he has also collaborated with tax experts and data privacy experts worldwide. Thierry designed the decommissioning solution Enterprise Legacy System Application (ELSA) that is currently patent pending.

  Audren Butery
TJC Group

Audren Butery is a Consultant on ELSA, TJC Group’s latest cloud application for system decommissioning. He has helped customers in Europe and the USA to safely retire their legacy systems. Audren is responsible for extracting data from legacy systems, auditing the extracted data, coordinating the implementation of ELSA in the customer’s infrastructure and train business users to ensure they feel at ease with their new application.


Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations SAP BTP

How to Unleash the Power of SAP BTP with the SAP Discovery Center

Understand SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and how you can best use it. Explore the SAP Discovery Center and SAP Business Technology Platform to best leverage it.

You will:

  • Understand SAP Business Technology Platform.
  • Learn the key capabilities of SAP BTP.
  • Learn how the SAP Discovery Center can help you.
  • Learn how to find information and how to use the SAP BTP Services.
Nis Boy Naeve
Vice President BTP Adoption Enablement

Nis Boy Naeve is a long term industry expert who held various positions at SAP SE. He offers a rare combination of strong technical understanding, business acumen and design thinking, acting successfully across all levels including executives. One of his latest key achievements is the definition, alignment and rollout of the User Experience Strategy. Currently he is heading SAP Adoption Enablement. He and his team help customers and partners explore the business value of SAPs Business Technology platform and to quickly to realize their projects. After studying physics in Kiel and Dublin, Nis Boy Naeve joined SAP in 1995 as a developer where he soon took over development management for a SAP HR module. He successfully finished customer specific development projects as well as various internal cross projects.


Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations | SAP BTP

Elevate Your ERP Core and Line of Business Applications with SAP Build and SAP BTP Pro-code Tools

Accelerate extensions and innovation with SAP Build solutions by enhancing interoperability among SAP Build Process Automation solution, SAP Build Apps and SAP Build Work Zone tools, augmented by SAP Pro-Code tools for customization.

You will:

  • Boost developer productivity and facilitate integrated development.
  • Get started quickly with pre-built content packages across SAP Build, and explore the new capabilities for managing, administrating, and operating low-code development effectively.
  • Learn how to leverage SAP BTP to extend SAP functionalities of SAP S/4HANA Cloud and explore the developer guidelines for extending SAP BTP.
Sami Lechner
Director of Product Management
Sami, with a career in mobile technology that began in 2000, has a wealth of experience spanning from low-level modem code to server-side mobile platforms. Sami has been part of several teams, contributing to the development of innovative solutions that have had a significant impact on the mobile space. Sami’s practical approach and commitment to realistic, tangible innovation have been instrumental in bringing new mobile solutions into the real world. Sami’s work is characterized by a balance of creativity and realism, always aiming for feasible advancements in mobile technology.

Tim Black
Chief Architect
Chief Development Architect in Business Technology Platform at SAP


Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations SAP BTP

Navigating Your Path to Success with SAP BTP

Understand how SAP BTP facilitates maintenance of ERP Core and line of business applications. Explore the platform’s capabilities to ensure continuous updates and maintain the transparency crucial for compliance with cloud standards and regulations.

You will:

  • Familiarize yourself with the functionalities offered by SAP BTP and how they integrate with SAP’s ecosystem.
  • Stay updated with the latest developments and future enhancements in SAP BTP.
  • Understand the developer guidelines, best practices, and coding techniques to create robust and scalable solutions.
  • Gain expertise in integrating SAP BTP with existing ERP Core and line of business applications.


Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations SAP BTP

A Comprehensive Guide for SAP BTP

This session is a comprehensive approach designed to assist organizations in maximizing the potential of SAP’s powerful cloud-based platform. SAP BTP offers a vast array of services and capabilities catering to business needs. This framework aims to provide clear instructions, best practices, and methodologies to harness the potential of SAP BTP.

You will:

  • Learn the core features offered by SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) understanding how they can address business needs and challenges.
  • Understand how to navigate the various tools, resources, and documentation available within the SAP BTP ecosystem.
  • Follow best practices recommended by the Guidance Framework for SAP BTP to optimize application customization, innovation, and integration with other SAP products and services.
  • Gain insights into trends and advancements in cloud-based solutions, runtime technologies, and agile development practices.
Steffen Pietsch
Vice President, Head of BTP Product Management
Steffen joined SAP in 2021 and is globally responsible for the SAP BTP Product Management. Together with his teams, he drives innovation, cross-projects, enablement, and adoption of the SAP BTP. Before he joined SAP, he gained more than 18 years of experience in various customer and partner executive roles. In addition to that Steffen was board member and CTO of DSAG e.V. (German speaking SAP user group).


Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations SAP BTP Integration + Enterprise Architecture

SAP BTP Security and Compliance: Exploring the Three Pillars of Security

This session emphasizes effective governance for successful SAP BTP operations. Explore key topics such as SAP BTP administration, authorizations, cost management, and organizational aspects including team setup. Learn how to optimize your SAP BTP utilization by implementing the right governance structure, ensuring streamlined operations, and maximizing the value of your SAP BTP investment.

You will:

  • Learn the principles of SAP BTP administration including user management, system configurations, and monitoring tools.
  • Hear how to define roles, permissions, and security policies to ensure data integrity and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Understand how to discover cost management strategies for SAP BTP usage.
  • See how to set up cross-functional teams to manage SAP BTP operations, fostering seamless communication and efficient workflows.
Juergen Adolf
Security Expert
Security Solutions Expert at SAP, guiding customers on our security products and features. I address queries, offer insights, and showcase the benefits of our business technology platform. At SAP and non-SAP events, I conduct lectures and hands-on sessions. I bridge customer needs to development, ensuring our products stay cutting-edge. Dedicated to creating a safer digital world, I continuously learn and advocate for robust cybersecurity practices.



Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations SAP BTP

SAP BTP Customer Stories

This session offers insight into real-world experiences of businesses that have harnessed the power of SAP’s technology platform. These stories highlight how organizations have leveraged SAP BTP to overcome challenges, drive innovation, and achieve digital excellence.

You will:

  • Understand the range of industries and business scenarios in which SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) has been successfully applied.
  • Learn the challenges faced by businesses and how SAP BTP played a pivotal role.
  • Gain knowledge about the use cases and technologies, such as AI, IoT, and advanced analytics that have been integrated with SAP BTP to drive business transformation and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Analyze the benefits achieved by organizations through their SAP BTP adoption including improved agility, scalability, and customer experiences.


Breakout Session IT Infrastructure + Operations SAP BTP Integration & Enterprise Architecture
Case Study: Product Safety Sheets to End-Users Via SAP Build Apps

Henkel at-present stores all of its Product Safety Information sheets like SDSS,TDSS into their On Premise SAP ERP system. Based on country local laws, these sheets needs regular updates in all local languages. Hence considering this, we decided that instead of storing such documents in a data lake or file management system, why don’t we use SAP’s Integration Suit in conjunction with SAP BTP build apps which can then be launched using mobile app or webapp or iframed into SAP Sales Cloud.
You will:

  • Learn how Henkel uses SAP BTP overall.
  • Understand how Henkel built this SAP Build Apps Project with Integration Suite.
  • Hear about the challenges faced during the project.
Saurabh Kabra
Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
Senior CRM Developer

Saurabh Kabra is a SAP Cloud Integration Architect. He has more than 10 years of working experience with SAP in various roles as SAP Employee, SAP Partner as well as SAP Customer. He started his journey as SAP CRM ABAP developer in 2013 and made his way through various SAP cloud solutions like SAP Sales & Service Cloud(C4C), SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP S/4HANA Cloud etc. In his last role, he was working as SAP BTP Architect for Automated Integrated Provisioning of SAP S/4HANA Cloud at SAP SE, Walldorf. In his present role at Henkel, he is working as Development lead for SAP Sales Cloud rollout. He is based out of Düsseldorf, Germany.


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