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How To Protect Vulnerable SAP Users From Cybersecurity Threats

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⇨ The consequences of an SAP system hack can be severe – with an average cost of $5 million per attack.

⇨ A third-party software provider must be experienced in SAP to ensure a thorough cybersecurity response plan.

⇨ Providers like Bowbridge can assist SAP users with a seamless addressing of security gaps in the NW-VSI interface.

Some of the biggest challenges in security that SAP users faced recently were the issues of unpatched systems, ransomware attacks and compromised integrity of data. In complex ecosystems where sensitive data is assembled in one space, the consequences of an SAP system hack can be severe, including financial, operational, legal, and reputational repercussions. On average, an SAP security breach can cost $5 million per attack. Therefore, in a world with an increasing amount of data and cloud migration needs, organizations must find solutions that would help them operate securely.

There are various reasons as to why SAP cyberattacks may occur. However, one of the main issues is that companies frequently hire third-party security vendors, inexperienced with SAP. This can delay a proactive cybersecurity response plan that would address application security threats before they happen. It also means that companies may not bring their staff’s security skills up to date, potentially compromising the ability to follow necessary and timely steps that would minimize the damage of the attack.

While it is important to build a multi-layered preventative and detective cybersecurity measures, it is impossible for businesses to be 100 percent confident that the attacks will never occur. So, what could be the potential solutions for organizations, wishing to implement cybersecurity defenses and contingency plans?

SAP-oriented third-party vendors like Bowbridge, specifically focused on SAP cybersecurity solutions. An endorsed Silver Partner of SAP, Bowbridge explains that organizations’ operating system anti-virus is not enough to protect their SAP system since it only protects companies’ file system. The operating system anti-virus does not recognize SAP-specific virus scan interface (NW-VSI) which may allow attackers to bypass the security system and perform content-based, virus or malware attacks.

With this in mind, Bowbridge offers a software solution that allows businesses to secure their SAP applications without having to perform coding on any of them. A unique feature of Bowbridge is that they do not create security solutions and then make them fit SAP, but their solutions are built specifically for SAP, bridging the security gaps in the NW-VSI interface.

As cyber-attacks become more frequent, and are aimed at vulnerabilities in complex systems, it is important as ever to develop contingency plans that would respond to the SAP needs. By turning to solutions offered by companies like Bowbridge, the businesses can minimize the risk associated with cybersecurity while ensuring continuous modernization and efficiency of SAP processes.

Reporting by Ekaterina Dudakova, News Analyst at ERP Today

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