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How to Optimize Migration to SAP S/4HANA with AI-powered Data Management Platform

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⇨ When migrating to SAP S/4HANA, companies face a variety of challenges during the data integration process and should develop a sustainable mitigation plan.

⇨ Among the primary benefits of leveraging AI-powered technology is the ability to automate tasks while using fewer resources per job.

⇨ Organizations can reduce costs and risks of the digital transformation processes by utilizing AI-powered data integration platforms provided by third-party suppliers like Informatica.

Migrations to SAP S/4HANA are becoming a vital part of the digital transformation process for many companies. However, the system undergoes data model changes that require the resolution of any data issues before migration. Therefore, SAP users face a variety of challenges. For example, it is necessary to identify priority datasets across legacy systems and integrate them into a common format. Another challenge is the de-duplication of datasets to be able to streamline costs and govern the entire migrated data in S/4HANA. Valuing the vulnerability of their data, organizations know that it is necessary to build a structured mitigation plan.

This is where third-party vendors’ data management platforms come in. Understanding and constantly evaluating risks associated with cloud migration, providers aim to help SAP users reduce migration costs and risks. Addressing these can also help accelerate users’ overall SAP S/4HANA modernization program. An example of such a provider is Informatica, an Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader that utilizes AI-powered technology to establish intelligent automation during data migration and management processes.

AI helps to automate those tasks that would normally be done manually. Among those are navigation of data pipelines, discovery of data assets across the enterprise, cataloging data, generating data quality rules, de-duplicating data assets, and much more. Among other benefits that arise from leveraging AI in data integration is the ability to use fewer resources per job. To achieve that, data management platform providers utilize low-code and no-code development tools. Informatica also offers its clients the ability to leverage templates. For instance, companies can use pre-built bundles or accelerators for common data integration projects, such as data warehousing, data quality, migration to Snowflake, and more.

By utilizing AI-powered modernization options from companies like Informatica, SAP users can optimize their S/4HANA migration journey. With the plan to practically demonstrate its data management platform abilities, Informatica will be participating in the upcoming SAPinsider Conference 2024. Visitors will be able to view a 15-minute product demo on how to mitigate S/4HANA migration risks with Informatica’s AI-powered data management platform.


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