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How Automation Can Help Eliminate Errors and Boost Scalability

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⇨ In the struggle to find the best solution for modernization of their company, businesses search for advice from specialists in digital transformation and automation, especially SAP-certified platform providers.

⇨ A leading global supplier, Graybar was seeking an automation solution that could help eliminate human errors in its manual processes while improving customer service representatives’ productivity.

⇨ With the deployment of Conexiom’s platform, Graybar managed to process 83,000 documents with 9.5 million line items in the first half of 2021 which shows the extent of benefits of automation technology.

Most companies seek ways to escape the tedious and time-consuming manual processes in business operations. Because of that, many choose to purchase various add-ons or even undergo a full digital transformation, moving their data and operations to the cloud and updating their entire systems. In the struggle to find the best solution for their company, businesses search for advice from specialists, especially SAP-certified platform providers.

An example of such a company is Graybar – a Fortune 500 electrical, communication, and data networking products distributor that aims to help customers define their wireless strategy. A leading global supplier, Graybar covers intensive, high-volume transactions which means that high precision in accuracy is vital for the success of the business. 

Moreover, while some of Graybar’s customers were already using automation technologies such as PunchOut and EDI, many did not have the technology in place to utilize the solutions, requiring Graybar’s employees to spend their time on non-value-adding tasks. Thus, the company embarked on the journey of finding a platform that would assist it in eliminating human error while improving its customer service representatives’ productivity.

After conducting careful research, Graybar found Conexiom. The company offers The Conexiom Platform, which is an intelligent, touchless, document automation tool purpose-built for automating critical and complex B2B document transactions. It allows the orders to be loaded into the system like an EDI transaction without the need for customers to change anything on their side. This means that Graybar’s team no longer worries about re-keying or reprocessing data that comes in the standard format, which enables them to spend more time with their customers. 

Starting with only five clients to test out the platform, Graybar moved on to over 1,500 customers in the last five years. Additionally, Conexiom helped Graybar build a custom solution to load and validate tax certificates for over 60% of Graybar’s customer base directly into their ERP system, SAP ECC. This improved accuracy has limited their exposure and risk during tax audits. 

Thus, with the deployment of Conexiom’s platform, Graybar managed to process 83,000 documents with 9.5 million line items in the first half of 2021. The story of Graybar’s success can serve as an inspiration for all those looking to integrate the latest technology into their business operations. By adopting the automation tools like the ones offered by Conexiom, companies may not just optimize their overall business functioning, but also achieve a higher-level service for their clients by freeing up more of their employees’ time for value-adding tasks.

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