Why and how to minimize your Attack Surface in SAP

Why and how to minimize your Attack Surface in SAP

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Cyber attacks are growing exponentially as remote work becomes the norm and new exploits capture the attention of hackers. A key theme is that these threats increasingly focus on the application layer – more specifically, the user layer – leveraging privileged accounts to get the keys to your kingdom. While perimeter security and IAM best practices have their place, organizations must begin looking at solutions to minimize the attack surface inside their SAP applications.

Join the SAP Security experts at Appsian as they explore how leveraging a secondary, context-aware authorization layer in SAP can reduce the risk posed by privileged accounts, quickly scale data protection efforts, and secure critical business processes in today’s dynamic landscape. You will:

  • Learn how to move past roles & authorizations and incorporate context-aware controls to ensure that critical data and transactions can only be accessed when appropriate.
  • How to limit access to sensitive data, such as unpublished financials or PII, for employees working remotely
  • Understand what measures to take to reduce the risk of account takeover attacks on admin users
  • Know what compensating controls you can enact to combat SAP exploits between security patch releases and implementation

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