How Implementing a Modern Testing Practice Accelerates Public Sector Software Delivery

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Every CIO has a Digital Transformation Initiative Underway

⇨ Speed and Agility: The Keys to Digital Transformation

⇨ The Traditional Testing Approach: The #1 Speed Inhibitor

The current focus of public sector CIOs revolves around digital transformation. In order to fully enjoy its advantages, it becomes crucial to expedite the release of new products. The introduction of Agile and DevOps approaches has revolutionized the development and delivery process by enabling rapid progress. However, testing remains a major obstacle.

To attain the desired pace, public sector organizations must align their goals of mission and services delivery with testing methods and quality objectives. Those who succeed will witness substantial enhancements in delivering services to their constituents, as they modernize a crucial aspect of the delivery pipeline that is often neglected. This guide examines four strategies aimed at overcoming conventional testing obstacles, facilitating faster software delivery, and accomplishing genuine digital transformation.

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