Narasimha Prasad Bhat

Meet the Expert

Narasimha Prasad Bhat is a highly regarded SAP expert, leveraging more than 15 years of experience in SAP IT, coupled with a rich 15-year background in the Oil & Gas business domain. His comprehensive understanding of production planning, procurement, maintenance, and safety, a result of his unique blend of business and IT roles, has made him a sought-after consultant in the industry. Narasimha's invaluable experience extends across a wide array of sectors including Oil & Gas, manufacturing, utilities, and the chemical industry. Certified in Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Production Planning (PP), Plant Maintenance (PM), and Project Systems (PS), his competencies are broad and deeply nuanced. He has led more than eight end-to-end SAP implementations worldwide and has been a pivotal player in three S/4 HANA projects. His multifaceted roles have ranged from Solution Architect to Project Manager, demonstrating his adaptability and expansive understanding of SAP systems. Internationally recognized in the SAP community, Narasimha has published seven papers in global journals on a variety of topics such as SAP ETO, availability checks, best practices in handling scrap in manufacturing, and safety stock optimization. His co-authored works on big data solutions have also garnered attention. As a social media influencer with a significant following on LinkedIn, Narasimha continues to make a substantial impact in the SAP community. He uses his platform to share valuable insights, simplify complex IT concepts, and make them accessible to a broad audience. His digital presence is marked by over 60+ blogs on, earning him the Master Blogger status. Narasimha's professional accolades include the Best IT Blogger of the Year 2023 award by Globee and the distinguished status of SAP Champion by SAP. He has played a significant role in shaping the recognition of valuable innovations and setting industry standards as a judge in esteemed IT awards like the Globee Awards, Codie Awards, and Stevie Awards. Regularly invited as a speaker at international events, Narasimha is also the driving force behind many SAP Insider Track events in Wisconsin/ Chicago. His innovative SAP solutions, including the renowned Engineer To Order (ETO) Solutions and the award-winning Bharat Retail Outlet Management Application (BROMA), have significantly impacted various industries. Narasimha has worked with prestigious organizations such as Bharat Petroleum Corporation India, SAP India, and Infosys USA, and is currently associated with a Big Four consulting firm, based in Brookfield, Wisconsin. His accomplishments and influence are a testament to his deep commitment to the SAP community, his prowess in technology, and his ability to bridge business and IT - underscoring his status as a truly distinguished figure in the field.

Work Experience

- 2022 - Present: Serving as a Solution Architect for S/4 HANA Production Planning for a Life Science client. - 2016 - 2022: Undertook the role of Solution Architect and various other roles for a Fortune 50 HVAC client in the USA, covering PP, PS, Customer Warranty, and MM modules while employed with Infosys USA. - 2011 - 2016: Actively engaged in global projects in Oman, Malaysia, and Australia during employment with SAP SDC. - 2005 - 2011: Employed with BPCL in their IT section, handling SAP implementation and support. - 1990 - 2005: Served in various business roles at BPCL (Manufacturing, Procurement, Maintenance & Safety)