Understanding the Current and Future State of Supply Chains

Webinar On-Demand: State of Supply Chains

Meet the Experts

  • SAPinsider Expert: Richard Den Ouden

    Richard Den Ouden

    Co-Founder of Every Angle (now Angles Enterprise for SAP by insightsoftware)

Key Takeaways

⇨ Identify and reduce excess stock

⇨ Detect over-planned purchasing and production

⇨ Create dashboards to measure supply chain KPIs

Organizations need to understand the state of supply chains to detect bottlenecks, detect root cases and determine priorities. But the everchanging dynamics of planning, sales orders and inventory are constantly changing making it difficult. It’s important to know the current and future status of your supply chain to improve your supply chain KPIs.

View this webinar on-demand for specific steps and advice to help you utilize operational reporting that puts context to your SAP data and help you create a stronger supply chain. You will learn how to understand the current and future state of supply chains and gain insights on how to:

  • Identify and reduce excess stock
  • Detect over-planned purchasing and production
  • Measure and improve your SAP data quality
  • Quickly view open sales orders to predict and prevent future backorders
  • Create dashboards to measure supply chain KPIs

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