Richard Den Ouden

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SAPinsider Expert: Richard Den Ouden

Richard Den Ouden

Co-founder of Angles for SAP by Magnitude

Richard has over 20 years of in-depth experience in research and development focused on SAP logistics and supply chain analytics, consultancy and professional services, pre-sales and account management and product marketing.  As co-founder of Every Angle and the Angles for SAP solution – the world’s most sophisticated Supply Chain analytical software add-on for SAP ERP – he is a trusted advisor to management and a growth-enabling key resource assisting departments throughout organizations to maximize the value offered by Angles to existing and potential customers.

Work Experience

Richard’s passion is to help companies improve their Supply Chain processes by using their SAP ERP data to analyze their operations, measure their KPIs, find bottlenecks, define underlying root cases and drive continuous improvement. He has completed 100+ successful projects at mid-sized companies and large multinationals globally in industries including high-tech, pharma, chemicals, wholesale, retail and manufacturing.

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