Closed-Loop Asset Management with SAP: Increase Uptime, Reduce Cost, and Improve Asset Performance by Learning from Work Execution

How can you ensure highest asset availability to meet your company’s production output targets, while reducing maintenance cost? How can you become a learning maintenance organisation, continuously improving asset performance?

Learn how you can safeguard uptime by applying the right maintenance strategy for each asset (preventive, predictive or still run-to-failure?) and reduce cost by avoiding wasteful over-maintenance at the same time.

Understand how SAP has re-engineered its Intelligent Asset Management solutions to enable a closed-loop process, which directly links your maintenance strategy from asset criticality assessment with maintenance planning and work execution – and enables you to apply learnings from your work execution to improve your asset strategies.

Overcome the silos between reliability engineering and the maintenance by working on the same equipment models and operational data. Use IoT and Machine Learning for equipment health monitoring and predictive maintenance. Continuously improve your asset performance by updating your maintenance strategy for individual assets based on your operational experience.

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