SAP Data Integration Using Precog: SAP Ariba to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Data Integration Using Precog: SAP Ariba to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to SAP Analytics Cloud

Precog Express is a connector built to pull data from just about every document or API into the market’s largest databases. Today I will show you how you can take data from SAP Ariba along with over thousands of connectors to the SAP data warehouse cloud. From there, we’ll quickly overview how SAP Analytics Cloud can layer directly on top of your DWC architecture to apply on demand visualizations. Let’s begin by signing into Precog.

Today we’re focusing on SAP Ariba. We see three tiles to focus your data extract. With any source, we’ll always provide you specific instructions on how to upload data from your sources. I’ll use our SAP Ariba Analytical test. Now we see that we’re able to start selecting datasets. Precog went into Ariba, asked Ariba for API data, and then within a second converted that API data into analytic-ready datasets. Let’s continue by selecting which ones we would like to include in our visualizations.

Now that we’ve selected our datasets we can send it to SAP DWC. When connecting to SAP DWC as a destination, Precog requires specific information. For this demo, I’ll use a destination that I’ve already connected to. Here, you describe the name and project you are working on. We’ll call this Ariba Procurement Demo. Next, I can set it to send me notifications when the data is ready or if Precog requires any further validations.

Let’s begin creating a pipeline. You can see that it’s already been writing data. First, let me showcase some features. You can add or remove additional datasets from the same source or even add other sources. As data needs change, sometimes you have to change your destination. Editing your destination is just as simple. You also have the ability to keep your team informed by adding additional notification recipients. And finally, you can add a schedule with our standard scheduler or use an advanced chron statement. Precog can refresh data as often as you wish. The initial historical load may take time, but subsequent loads are incremental, allowing you access to fresh data as fast as possible!

In less than five minutes, we’re only a few clicks away from data models and visualizations critical to making meaningful business decisions. You can see the Ariba data has successfully uploaded into SAP DWC with a preview. DWC can import business content packages, like the spend analysis model shown here that ties over 10 Ariba tables together and even features an analytical data set at the end.

Let’s log into SAC and use the data retrieve from DWC and visualize it to determine KPIs. This took nearly no effort on my part as the user. The data moved from SAP Ariba into SAP DWC through the simplicity of Precog. We imported it into our pre-made data model and the visualization layer that sits on top of it is getting all the essential core information I’m looking for. The value of this SAP SAC page includes showcasing your DWC Ariba models being shown in the SAP Analytics Cloud SAC. With SAP and Precog working together, visualizing large amounts of data quickly is a breeze.

Try Precog, SAP DWC and SAP SAC for yourself with the trial links attached to this video. Thanks for taking the time to learn with us. Check out those free trial links and stay tuned for more demos from Precog in the future!

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