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Precog’s AI-powered, no-code ELT integration platform will transform how you work with SaaS API data. With over 2,000 no-code API connectors, use Precog’s universal API connector to turn your SAP data into business-ready data. Start a trial account and have all your account data in a few minutes. Then get to work building custom analytics or apps, machine learning and more.

Featured Solutions

  • SAP Ariba Connector

    Use Precog’s universal API connector to turn your SAP Ariba data into business-ready data.

  • SAP SuccessFactors Connector

    Use Precog’s universal API connector to turn your SAP SuccessFactors data into business-ready data.

  • SAP Fieldglass Connector

    Use Precog’s universal API connector to turn your SAP Fieldglass data into business-ready data.

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  • Transforming SAP Ariba Data into Business-ready Data with Precog

    Reading time: 4 mins

    Organizations employing SAP Ariba for procurement often find its native analytics and reporting tools insufficient for conducting advanced data analysis, which is crucial in the modern data-driven environment. Precog addresses this gap by facilitating complex data analysis beyond the capabilities of standard Ariba tools. It enables the transfer of data from SAP Ariba into various…
  • How A Luxury Gelato Chain Uses Precog to Actually Get Realtime, Multi-Source Analytics

    Reading time: 3 mins

    This case study explores how Ibrahim Khan and Zahra Masood, Snowflake Gelato’s Business Analyst team, leveraged Precog to radically simplify loading data into Snowflake from Cin7 Core (inventory management), MarketMan (restaurant management), Xero (accounting), and Workforce (workforce management). Once effective and dependable ELT was in place, Ibrahim turned to the key area of focus: analysis…
  • Turbocharge SAP Analytics Through No-Code Data Integration

    Reading time: 4 mins

    SAP’s enterprise software is used by 80% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies and 98% of the world’s most valuable brands. Whether a company is using SAP’s ERP, supply chain, spend management or human resource solutions, your data is useless if you can’t analyze it. Data Analysis is crucial to growth and organization effectiveness. But…
  • The Failed Promise of Cloud ETL

    Reading time: 5 mins

    With the constant explosion of new data sources and applications, both public and private, the old way doesn’t scale, period. What does scale is Precog’s concept of “just-in-time data sources.” The rise of cloud-based ETL (or ELT as it’s evolving) tools (SaaS) started about a decade ago. Driven by the growing popularity of cloud-based data…
  • SAPinsider Buyers Guide: Data Management & Analytics

    Reading time: 1 mins

    To help SAP users tackle these data management challenges, SAPinsider put together this Buyers Guide, which explores the challenges, opportunities and trends in the SAP data management and analytics space and highlights key vendors and partners. The vendor capability assessments are intended to aid data management professionals in selecting the most suitable solutions for their…