How To Minimize Downtime For Planned Maintenance Of SAP HANA

How To Minimize Downtime For Planned Maintenance Of SAP HANA

Brett Barwick, Principal Software Engineer at SIOS Technology, provides the engineering team with in-depth expertise in SAP. He is also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate, well versed in the cloud. In this episode of Let’s Talk, Barwick discusses minimizing downtime during planned maintenance for SAP HANA with SIOS Protection Suite for Linux.

The topics we covered include:

  • Talk about what the typical maintenance/upgrade process looks like for a highly-available SAP HANA database.
  • Since the downtime during the maintenance process is caused by switching the database over between cluster nodes, it sounds like this is the best place to focus in order to minimize downtime. What options does a database administrator have when performing this switchover?
  • How does the “Takeover with Handshake” feature work? What advantages does it provide over traditional HSR takeover?
  • Why is it important to always perform the HSR takeover through the company’s HA products?
  • Sounds like maintenance and regular testing are very important in an HA environment. Tips to help administrators manage their highly-available SAP HANA clusters.
  • Importance of documentation to avoid the pitfalls of tribal knowledge.


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