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Avvale is a global Digital Business Transformation company on a mission to evolve modern business through the circular economy, enabled by technology.

Featured Products

  • RISE with SAP

    Our all-in-one offering provides a partner who can work with SAP through the planning process, migrate SAP workloads to RISE, and help companies navigate the engagement in the long term.

  • Self Service Analysis & Insight Discovery

    Self-service business intelligence is an approach to data analytics that enables business users to access and explore data sets even when they don't have a technical background. Self-service analysis empower users to create and edit data analysis in order to answer questions not foreseen in the initial implementation phase.

Featured Content

  • This is Avvale: Enabling What's Next

    Avvale Manifesto speaks out loud about: our identity, our mission, our intentions and commitment for a circular world and our profound expertise and passion for technology.

Multimedia Center

  • Sustainability for Avvale Interview

    Domenico Restuccia, CEO of Avvale, interviewed at Sky TG24 Progress by Helga Cossu, talking about sustainability for Avvale and how circular economy and digital innovation are the two most effective.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • Extending Profitability Beyond Checkout: Recirculating Products Using No-Code AI Platform

    Reading time: 3 mins

    Avvale’s 2023 SAP Hackathon winning solution, Reclaim, is an AI solution built on SAP Business Technology Platform that empowers companies to increase prosperity while reducing dependency of materials and energy. While this form of exponential technology is presented here as a fashion solution, the truth is – it can be iterated across industries to weave…
  • Abbott Improves Its Commercial Processes by Leveraging SAP CX Solutions

    Reading time: 1 mins

    Abbott is a leading, multinational health sciences company that creates diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals. The company’s main goal was to streamline their sales systems and optimize results for their sales teams in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru. Since each of these countries had their own process, the objective was to…
  • Scalable Flexibility Crafted for Cricut Using AWS Cloud

    Reading time: 2 mins

    With over 6.4 million users worldwide, Cricut, Inc. is a household name for crafters. Their creative technology platform inspires members to continuously imagine at-home crafts. Cricut’s mission is to unleash the creative potential of its members with innovations that bring ideas to life in the form of professional, personalized handmade projects. In addition to Cricut’s…
  • Southwire Migrates SAP Workloads with Google Cloud

    Reading time: 1 mins

    Lift your gaze towards the buildings in any major city around the United States and chances are those structures are built with Southwire products. Southwire Company is one of North America’s largest wire and cable producers. Southwire and its subsidiaries manufacture building wire and cable, metal-clad cable, portable and electronic cord products, utility products, OEM…
  • Cerapedics Savors Support and Visibility with SAP S/4HANA

    Reading time: 2 mins

    Cerapedics relieves pain and improves quality of life for people around the world with their proprietary bone graft putty. The biotechnology company’s i-FACTOR Peptide Enhanced Bone Graft is the only biologic bone graft in orthopedics that incorporates a small peptide as an attachment factor to stimulate the natural bone healing process. As the company grew,…
  • Consultants Battle at SAP’s Hack2Build for Shot at Market Success

    Reading time: 8 mins

    Avvale Emerges Victorious at SAP’s Hack2Build with Circular Business Solution, Powered by SAP Build Consultants eat pressure for breakfast. But what happens when you give them a deadline of four days to completely invent an innovative solution? At SAP’s Hack2Build, teams of consultants race against the clock, vying for the spoils of first place– the…
  • Intelligent Stadium Elevates Fan Experience Through Real-Time Data Decisions

    Reading time: 2 mins

    A packed stadium on Sunday elicits roaring cheers from fans and a flood of data touch points. One National Football League (NFL) team found themselves waiting two days to capture and process their game day analytics on parking, attendance, merchandise sales, food & beverage consumption, and the overall satisfaction of fans. This globally-recognized National Football…
  • image cloud computing

    Managing and Maximizing Migrations with Avvale

    Reading time: 2 mins

    More and more organizations are planning their SAP S/4HANA migration strategy as SAP further emphasizes its commitment to the cloud. Though companies recognize the benefits that can come from migrating to SAP S/4HANA, yet the actual process of getting there is daunting enough to make them put off the process for as long as possible.…
  • Avvale Achieves OneStream Gold Partner Status

    Reading time: 2 mins

    OneStream has awarded Gold partnership status to Avvale, celebrating exponential growth since partnership inception in 2019.