Southwire Migrates SAP Workloads with Google Cloud

Southwire Migrates SAP Workloads with Google Cloud

Lift your gaze towards the buildings in any major city around the United States and chances are those structures are built with Southwire products. Southwire Company is one of North America’s largest wire and cable producers. Southwire and its subsidiaries manufacture building wire and cable, metal-clad cable, portable and electronic cord products, utility products, OEM wire products and engineered products.

The Challenge

The rapid growth that Southwire was experiencing outpaced the need for a data center supported by transformation-prohibiting software. To continue to stay competitive and optimize their business processes, Southwire needed to migrate their SAP workloads to a user-friendly cloud environment that offered the latest security, analytics, and overall functionality.

The Approach

Together, Avvale and Southwire identified Google Cloud as the ideal landscape for migration. Google Cloud’s infrastructure is the largest privately owned global network. The near-zero platform downtime and five layers of data protection were motivating factors for Southwire to make the switch.

The Impact

By moving to Google Cloud, Southwire experienced an immediate technology refresh and an overall performance boost in their SAP systems. With updated systems running on the Google Cloud Platform, Southwire has jumpstarted their digital journey with SAP and other technology initiatives that will further the company’s overall strategic plan. As such, they can now leverage faster and insightful reporting, stability and a scalable operating platform to meet the needs of their customers; all in the same secure environment that Google uses themselves.

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