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  1. Video Q&A: Dr. Steve Hunt discusses the post-COVID return to the office

  2. David Maloney image

    Video Q&A: Dave Maloney Provides an Overview of the SAP Business Technology Platform

  3. Video Q&A : Wolfgang Epting shares strategic insights on Data Management best practices


  1. The Future of Business Intelligence Benchmark Report

    Reading time: 1 mins

    In This Report: We have entered the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Technology has taken a massive leap in the last decade and is expected to take another exponential leap in this coming decade, leading to rapid advances in the discipline of data science. Data science practices introduced the world of…
  2. Video: Delivery Hero’s Auditing Success Depends on Innovation and a Risk-Based Approach

    Delivery Hero’s vision is to always deliver an amazing experience fast, easy, and to your door. This may not seem unusual for an order and delivery service organization, but with over 1 billion orders per year, and continued growth and expansion, it appears the company is delivering on its ambitious vision. Berlin-based, Delivery Hero is…
  3. Video Q&A: Thomas Frenehard Discusses Top Risks of 2021 and Ways to Reduce Them

    Right now, organizations are operating in a changed – and still evolving – risk landscape. In his focus on GRC and cybersecurity at SAP’s Global Centre of Excellence for Line of Business Finance and in his prior experience as Senior Director in SAP’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solution Management team, Thomas closely follows trends and…
  4. Expert Perspective on SAPinsider State of the Market Survey

    Hear what Bas Kamphius, Chief Growth Officer from Magnitude, has to say about the trends and priorities of SAP customers in 2021, and download SAPinsider’s 2021 State of the Market report.
  5. Executive Q&A: Inside Deutsche Börse’s Phased Innovation Strategy

    Learn the mix of SAP and other cloud -based solutions Deutsche Börse is relying on and how it is planning a complete renovation of its existing infrastructure.
  6. Video Q&A: Steve Biskie Shares Some Controls to Know for a Successful Implementation

    During an SAP implementation, organizations might be underutilizing optional SAP controls that could provide extreme value to their SAP system and supporting processes. In this short interview, Steve Biskie, a principal in risk consulting at RSM, will explain how configurations and practices can address both missed and misunderstood controls; why it’s important to learn about…
  7. Video Q&A: SAP’s Neil Patrick Discusses Internal Audit in the Digital Age

    Between adopting loud-based software while still having on-premise operations, automating as many processes as possible, using many types of artificial intelligence, and navigating decentralized and remote environments, it’s no wonder that what needs to be audited, and how it is audited, is changing for organizations. In this short video interview, Neil Patrick, Solution Manager for…
  8. Video Q&A: Luke Marson Discusses Strategies That Can Help Drive Successful Employee Experience Management

    In this SAPinsider Contributing Expert video, iXerv’s Luke Marson discusses why employee experience is such a hot topic and offers some advice for strategies HR organizations can use to drive successful employee experience management efforts.
  9. Video Q&A: Christian Heinrich Discusses How Technology Is Impacting Employee Experience

    In this SAPinsider Contributing Expert video, Christian Heinrich discusses trends in experience, how technology is impacting experience management, and his advice for SAP customers who are trying to figure out where to begin.
  10. Video Q&A: Martin Stenzig Talks About The Impact Conversational AI Can Have On HCM

    Martin Stenzig recently joined AJ Whalen for a quick discussion about conversational AI, its role in HCM technology, and how it interacts with SAP solutions.