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On-Demand – Executive Roundtable | Supply Chain Trends: Top Challenges and Actionable Insights for Leaders

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 Supply Chain Trends: Top Challenges and Actionable Insights for Leaders

Recently, we all have witnessed more and more demands for remote work; demand for agility and flexibility; the Great Resignation; and Supply Chain Volatility among the key factors putting new challenges for the IT/Business leaders and driving them to transform their application platforms towards subscription-based models leveraging SAP S/4HANA and the Cloud. But, what are the key characteristics of a scalable, flexible supply chain on the cloud, and what are the steps to getting there? With current recession fears mounting amidst growing volatility and financial pressures in the market, the supply chain is becoming more strategic, and the organizations are looking to focus on supply chain resilience, prioritizing cost-cutting, and addressing sustainability measures by leveraging decentralized and omni-channel supply chains. In this interactive discussion, we will examine the latest trends in the area of supply chain and cloud transformations. We’ll delve into –

  • Resilience – Building risk-aware supply chains leveraging advanced risk-sensing and mitigation strategies across the ecosystem
  • Sustainability – Adapting supply chains to integrate environmental, social and governance components into strategic decisions
  • Cost Takeout – Increasing supply chain efficiencies to counter margin pressures caused by recent economic trends
  • Decentralization – Improving last-mile delivery for customers by bringing supply chains closer to them
  • Omni-Channels – Synchronizing orders, inventory, and distribution across various sales channels to meet consumer demand

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