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  1. Mary Sibley

    Your Future with SAP S/4HANA & Finance

  2. Case Study: Alphabet’s SAP on Google Cloud Journey-Experiences and Innovations

  3. End-to-End Security Strategies for SAP S/4HANA


  1. Qlik

    Reading time: 1 mins

    The migration to HANA gives companies the opportunity to move their SAP environment to AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Moving SAP to the cloud promises to improve operations, offer better security, and reduce costs, but to experience significant cost reductions, the cloud size needs to change dynamically based on the systems’ actual performance and…
  2. Keynote | Taxation on the Horizon: Key Regulations and Industry Shifts

    Keynote | Taxation on the Horizon: Key Regulations and Industry Shifts

    Major regulatory demands are aiming to encourage real time transactions and business activities.  The foundations of the current tax systems were built a century ago to address the changes of the Second Industrial Revolution. Historically, tax systems have been developed to reflect the cost optimization strategies defining industries during the 20th century. Maintaining tax accuracy requires…
  3. SAP S/4HANA: What are the Tax Implications?

    SAP S/4HANA: What are the Tax Implications?

    Organizations face tremendous pressure to operate with more agility and speed to survive the current business climate. In response, many companies are making investments into intelligent technology systems to help reduce complexity and deliver valuable insights.  SAP S/4HANA leverages technology that allows for enhanced data management and can provide the foundation for transforming to your digital tax strategy. In this session you will: Define requirements and a roadmap for tax for the…
  4. E-invoicing and Tax Reporting: Latest Trends and Solutions to Enable Digital Compliance

    E-invoicing and Tax Reporting: Latest Trends and Solutions to Enable Digital Compliance

    As Tax Authorities accelerate digitalization trends and constantly raise the bar for compliance, the every-day challenges you face continue to evolve making quality of data and the need of best-in-class technology more important than ever. Join to discover the latest SAP’s offerings that help you to comply with all mandates, from for e-invoicing/e-documents to e-reporting…
  5. Building a Modern, Digital Tax Strategy for the Enterprise

    Building a Modern, Digital Tax Strategy for the Enterprise

    Companies managing disparate, outdated, and/or on-premise tax solutions face a high total cost of ownership due to the demands of an increasingly complex regulatory landscape driven by the digital transformation of governments worldwide. A key strategy to reduce total cost of ownership and increase scalability for future growth is to centralize tax solutions using cloud…
  6. Thomson Reuters Session

    Uniting Tax, Finance, and IT Professionals to Accelerate Profitability

    As we adapt to a new way of working and living, business profitability is under even more scrutiny. Staying profitable, requires quickly responding to shifting customer needs, diversifying partnerships, and developing new products and services. Accelerating profitability takes a new way of thinking. For too long, the industry has seen “tax” as a “compliance necessity,”…
  7. Panel Discussion: Top Cybersecurity threats for 2021

    Although cybersecurity threats are not new, the level of concern for organizations is growing as is the priority of protecting against them. With organizations seeking to create new digital customer experiences, applying data analytics, and investing in technology innovations, this makes the challenge even more urgent. The goal is to become knowledgeable to protect your…
  8. The roadmap to Cybersecurity

    Are you eager to deepen your knowledge about SAP Security, SAP Data Protection products and services? Securing an SAP S/4HANA business application environment involves more than perimeter security and roles & authorizations. The loss of sensitive data can result in severe penalties, damage reputation and endanger a company's entire business within minutes. In this session…
  9. Panel Discussion: Best practices for building your SAP security strategy

    Companies face a rapidly challenging environment as they seek to protect their SAP systems, without losing their ability to maximize the value of their technology investments. This session will provide you with insight into where you should start to ensure that your SAP systems are protected. SAPinsider’s industry experts will share with you how to…
  10. Panel Discussion: Customer Experiences with Cybersecurity

    All SAP customers have solutions in place that they can use for securing their SAP systems. This typically involves SAP Solution Manager as that is used by most organizations for maintenance and patch deployment but may also include other SAP and non-SAP tools that have different roles and capabilities. This panel will allow attendees to…