Leveraging Automation for Optimized SAP Change Management – SA Power Network’s Journey

Meet the Experts

Key Takeaways

⇨ Improved Governance: Predefined workflows help in enforcing robust governance and process compliance

⇨ Boosted Deployments: Automation increases deployment speed, volume, and quality

⇨ Heightened Efficiency: Minimize business downtime for both BAU operations and major releases

For SA Power Networks, the journey with Rev-Trac has been transformative, particularly in overcoming the myriad challenges associated with traditional SAP change management. Prior to Rev-Trac, SA Power Networks faced the common pitfalls of the manual change management process – prolonged downtimes, sequence inefficiencies, vulnerability to errors, and conflicts amongst various changes. These issues often manifested as significant disruptions to business operations and operational inefficiencies. Using Rev-Trac, we experienced a paradigm shift in our operations. Through enforcing the correct sequence of changes and proactively detecting and mitigating potential conflicts, Rev-Trac dramatically minimized risks inherent to change management. The results have been remarkable. Not only has Rev-Trac enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in our change management, but it has also paved the path for our digital transformation journey. SA Power Networks will share their experiences, benefits, lessons learned and insights for others planning on going down a similar path.

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