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REALTECH offers specialized software for SAP Change Management, enabling organizations to effectively manage and control changes within their SAP environments. With proven features for SAP change automation, our solution empowers businesses to maintain system stability, and drive continuous improvement.
We are closely connected to SAP and look back on a successful partnership of more than 25 years. With our expertise in SAP technologies, we have established ourselves as trusted partners for businesses seeking efficient and effective management of their SAP environments.

Featured Solutions

  • SmartChange: SAP Change Management Simplified

    SmartChange automates SAP change management with accelerated transport processes, integrated quality assurance, and effortless system retrofitting, making SAP change and transport management easier than ever.

  • SAP Transport Integration for ServiceNow

    Explore REALTECH's Integration Framework for seamless synchronization between ServiceNow® and SAP. Benefit from error-free integration, streamline processes, and achieve end-to-end documentation – also available for Jira.

  • SAP Transport Integration for Jira

    The SAP Add-on for Jira automates SAP transport processes, seamlessly transferring data between SAP and Jira. The integration streamlines change management, eliminates information gaps and enables end-to-end documentation.

Featured Content

Multimedia Center

  • SmartChange in a Nutshell

    New to SmartChange? Get a quick overview of this simple yet powerful tool. Experience the power of SmartChange and unlock the potential for seamless software deployment like never before.

  • Experience SmartChange in Action: Demo Video

    Discover the key features of SmartChange in a short demo video. Gain valuable insights into how SmartChange optimizes efficiency and transforms transport management.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • photograph of a bright orange sunset, end of SAP SolMan maintenance concept

    The End Of SAP SolMan Is Coming, Are You Ready?

    Reading time: 2 mins

    As the end of maintenance for SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) draws near, SAP users are faced with the pressing need to reassess their strategies for change and transport management. For many, particularly those heavily reliant on Change and Request Management (ChaRM), the transition away from SolMan poses a significant challenge. Although SAP Cloud ALM stands…

  • 5 Lessons from SAP Change and Transport Management

    Reading time: 1 min

    Avoid overtakers, reduce testing efforts, document changes … Read which mistakes are often made in SAP Change Management and learn how to avoid them. Download the 5 Lessons from SAP Change Management by REALTECH here.

  • Realize Faster and more Flexible SAP Changes and Releases

    Reading time: 2 mins

    SAP software is not considered to be very flexible when it comes to change and release management. Learn how to achieve faster and more flexible changes and releases in complex SAP landscapes. Change and release management within SAP systems can result in many challenges, including: Coordination: Change and release management requires close cooperation and communication…