Human Capital Management

Content in this area will help HR, payroll, talent, and recruiting professionals understand how to get the most out of both SAP and SAP SuccessFactors technologies across core HR, payroll, time management, talent management, recruiting, and employee experience. This area will include content that helps HR organizations leverage the latest HCM and HXM technology to meet the requirements of increased workforce efficiency, greater employee engagement, improved employee experience, and reduced costs of critical business processes. 


  1. Video Q&A: Dr. Steve Hunt discusses the post-COVID return to the office

  2. SuccessFactors Time Tracking

    Video Q&A: Amy Wilson Discusses SAP SuccessFactors Time Tracking

  3. SAP SuccessFactors

    Meet the Women Steering the Ship at SAP SuccessFactors

    Reading time: 14 mins


  1. IBM

    Reading time: 14 mins

    IBM and SAP work together to design and build custom solutions to address your specific business needs and improve operational effectiveness to help your shift to the cloud with SuccessFactors as part of your HR transformation. Concurrently, these transformative solutions help to increase customer value, enhance employee experiences and help you establish a stronger digital presence.

  2. HCMx

    We are a boutique consultancy dedicated to SAP HCM (HXM), SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Fiori (Ui5) solutions with more than experience in Human Resources. Founded and directed by Technical and Functional Consultants, hcmx stands out for the quality of each of its deliveries. All projects that are assigned to hcmx are monitored directly by the consultancy…
  3. Exaserv

    Exaserv, who has been an SAP Human Capital Management
  4. Everything Benefits

    EverythingBenefits is the leading provider of next-generation, end-to-end benefit technology solutions and services that help businesses of all sizes and their employees experience benefits in more meaningful ways. By leveraging an open business model, EverythingBenefits partners with benefit brokers, independent agents, insurers, payroll or Human Capital Management
  5. Enterprisejungle

    EnterpriseAlumni is a customizable corporate Alumni platform to manage your Alumni & Retiree community atop your existing HRIS solution, with deep integrations into existing Cloud, OnPremise & External applications. An easy to setup and manage platform to maintain up to date contact information and a simple and compelling way to gauge willingness to return. The…
  6. EPI-USE

    EPI-USE is part of, which employs more than 3,000 people in 33 countries. Best known as the world s largest and most experienced independent SAP HR/Payroll specialist, designing, building and implementing Cloud-based, hybrid and on-premises HR/Payroll systems for large, complex multinational corporations, EPI-USE has recently emerged as a leader in deploying SAP s S/4…
  7. Discotheque Inc.

    Disco is a real-time recognition platform that integrates into the employee workflow to tie moments that matter to core company values. By being in the employee workflow like Slack and Microsoft Teams, Disco socializes, celebrates, and scales culture and employee engagement like nothing before. All this engagement and feedback is shared with several SAP SuccessFactors…
  8. Censia

    Censia  is on a mission to help companies and people unlock their true potential. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, our Talent Intelligence Platform models and finds the talent most likely to succeed, while simultaneously reducing bias. Just as Netflix and Spotify revolutionized the way we discover movies and music with…
  9. Checkr

    We’re Checkr the leading technology company in the background check industry. We’re building a better future for everyone by making hiring better, fairer, and more efficient.
  10. BridgX

    Founded more than a decade ago, bridgX delivers a unique HR offering. We help companies to run more efficiently, by offering them consultancy services and project work to get high efficiency HR software.