Creating a Real-Time Cash Flow Report Using SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting

Generate Your Cash Flow and Shareholders Equity Report Automatically using S/4HANA 1909 Release FPS02

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    In multinational organizations, reporting requirements are increasing day by day. Keeping track of all the reports generated and submissions can consume a lot of time and resources. The reporting format also changes over time due to changing regulations, and compliance with this format is of the utmost importance. Learn how to use SAP S/4HANA for…...…
  2. Working with SAP Group Reporting S/4HANA Finance 2022/2021

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    Solutions like Group Reporting are long-term investments on which improvements are continuously made, unlike products that are in support mode and receive no maintenance support when they reach the end of their life cycle. In this article, you will explore the key functionalities of SAP Group Reporting and the recent new additions to it.
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    SAP/Solution Manager Learn about SAP Solution Manager 4.0’s reporting options and how to use them to ensure consistent performance across your system landscape. Key Concept SAP Solution Manager 4.0 includes a wide range of reporting options for generating technical and administrative information about your system landscape, including SAP EarlyWatch Alert Reporting, Service Reporting, EarlyWatch Alert…...…
  4. Comparing SAP BW on HANA vs. Native Reporting with SAP HANA: Q&A on Design, Optimization, and Troubleshooting

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    What are the differences when running SAP BW on SAP HANA vs. HANA native reporting? How does SAP HANA change your reporting solution architecture? SAP BW and HANA expert Dmitry Shustov of Xoomworks answered readers’ questions on evaluating and optimizing BW for SAP HANA and moving to native HANA reporting. Questions from readers included:  …...…
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    Learn more details about the available SuccessFactors reporting options and get some technical and practical examples for how these reporting options can be used to solve the challenges facing your business. Key Concept SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics provides concrete and actionable insights on workforce data to drive your business strategy today and help you plan for…...…
  6. Creating a Real-Time Cash Flow Report Using SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting

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    The significant complexities involved in creating a real-time cash flow report using your SAP system can prevent companies from including the level of detail that they need. Understanding the cash flow process and new reporting functionalities in SAP S/4HANA can help organizations simplify these complexities. This article provides several updates for creating a cash flow…
  7. How to Comply with IFRS 15 Regulations Using SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting 1.2

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    Learn how to set up SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting 1.2 in SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) 6.0 to comply with the new accounting standard regulation IFRS 15. The new regulation was jointly released by two leading accounting standard bodies: the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Key Concept…...…
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  9. When Should Your HR Reporting Strategy Include SAP BW?

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    In some companies, a transactional system such as R/3 may no longer be enough to handle all HR reporting needs. Evaluate certain circumstances in which a BW system can more effectively cater to a particular reporting requirement. Key Concept To create a comprehensive reporting environment in SAP HR, you need support from your SAP BW…...…
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