The Future of the Airline Industry in a COVID Environment

The Future of the Airline Industry in a COVID Environment

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This article explores the impact that COVID-19 has had on the airline industry, how these companies are using SAP solutions to prepare for an uncertain future, and suggests how air travel may adapt as the industry adjusts to a new normal. Two experts from SAP weigh in on what they're hearing from the airline industry, including challenges and some insights about how processes, policies, and procedures may change moving forward.

“There will be additional constraints, border restrictions, and the number of people carried will have to account for social distancing requirements,” says Phil Te Hau, Vice President of Passenger Transportation at SAP. “The predictability of their current planning models will be disrupted, and changes to schedules and timetables will likely happen more frequently than before.” According to Torsten Welte, Global Vice President, Head of Aerospace & Defense, and Head of Travel & Transportation at SAP, the economic disruption caused by the pandemic has “exposed the criticality of digitalization in every industry.”

Read this article to learn more about:
- How route planning and profitability will change moving forward
- SAP solutions that are being implemented or used in a different way to meet current and changing needs
- Considerations that should be made as airlines prepare to invite employees back to the workforce
- Predictions for the future of air travel

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