Application Access Risk – Hitting SAP’s Moving Target

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  1. Interactive Roundtable: Taking the First Steps in SoD And Access Risk Management

    March 11, 2021

    Right now, organizations are under more pressure than ever to understand the importance of Segregation of Duties (SoD) and critical access rulesets in order to adhere to changing compliance regulations. At the same time, technology has advanced to the point of supporting businesses who seek to streamline audits and access management by automating existing compliance…...…
  2. Role Assignment Automation: Finding the Balance of Technology and Process

    Role assignment is fundamental to access control. How can technology and automation help reduce risk and manual effort?
  3. The End-User Side: Tips and Tricks for “Erasing” A/P Check Numbering Mistakes from the R/3 Online Check Register!

    As users of the A/P module’s Automatic Payment Print Program know all too well, if a run of consecutive checks is mistakenly sent to be printed on ordinary paper, R/3 proceeds to update the Check Register, even though none of the erroneous checks can ever be used. This article shows how to recover from such…...…
  4. Members Who Inspire | Jayden Weinschenk

    Name: Jayden Weinschenk Job Position: Director of SAP Development Company: Fastpath, Inc LinkedIn:  How did you first hear about SAPinsider? I attended my first SAP Insider event in 2016 in Las Vegas but I have received the magazine for years. I was looking for SAP related events to attend and SAP Insider was having a…
  5. Application Access Risk – Hitting SAP’s Moving Target

    Application Access Risk – Hitting SAP’s Moving Target

    January 25, 2022

    As one of the world’s leaders in enterprise software, SAP is no stranger to change. This stems from decades of innovation often setting the industry standard. SAP’s portfolio of applications has customers flocking to implement the latest offerings taking advantage of new functionality and features for the core business.  In parallel, external factors such as…