Members Who Inspire |  Jayden Weinschenk

Members Who Inspire | Jayden Weinschenk

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Name: Jayden Weinschenk 
Job Position: Director of SAP Development
Company: Fastpath, Inc


 How did you first hear about SAPinsider?

I attended my first SAP Insider event in 2016 in Las Vegas but I have received the magazine for years. I was looking for SAP related events to attend and SAP Insider was having a GRC event. I have participated in this event ever since. I really enjoy this event because the combination of SAP, exhibitors, and attendees.  There is a broad array of knowledge and experience.

If you had four more hours in your day, what would you do with them?

I would use 1 of those hours to get an extra hour of sleep every night. I would use 3 hours to spend extra time with my family. I could never get enough hours to spend with them.  

Why are you a member of SAPinsider?

Information, networking, knowledge. For me, if  my company, my network of SAP peers, and coworkers are willing to grow and succeed, these are the 3 factors to make that happen. SAPinsider provides that track. The website, magazine, and events provide the canvas for information and networking. The knowledge is then acquired and shared. 

What is the most serious issue facing our profession today?

Shortage of young SAP talent. Other technologies have taken a large part of younger talent. I thought that 20 years ago we were overwhelmed with technology. Now there is more than ever, and where are we going to be in the next 20. From a functional SAP perspective, our users have been using the same transactions for years. SAP is changing and the profession needs to change with it.

Tell us about a time when how you had a problem at work and used your SAPinsider membership to solve that problem

I am entering my 22nd year of being an SAP professional. Along that journey, I have met some brilliant SAP minds. I use this group of peers (SAP Insider members) on a monthly basis for conversation. My specialty in the 2000s was dialog programming and screen builder in SAP. I still work with programmers that are on ECC that reach out with questions about building their screens and how they can dynamically create their UI, or they have issues with the current screens that are built.  With all of the S4 knowledge around, some of the older programs need love too.

Name one person who has had a profound effect on your life and tell us about it.

Professionally, my very first manager that I had at Pepsi Bottling prepared me for a career in IT. I was offered a position that would be very low key, and about a month in I was thrown into the fire. I learned SAP ABAP, SAP background processing, and SAP change management on the fly. I have been entrenched ever since.

What advice would you have for the next generation of SAP users?

Spend a couple hours a month to keep informed about the ever-changing SAP.  There was a period of time (Early 2000s) where SAP didn’t seem like it was changing too much. Also, you don’t need or even want to try to be an expert in all of SAP. Find one area to master and be enough to be dangerous in others.

What has been the most rewarding part of your job?

Solving problems.  Solving problems can be based on support, design, development, or mentoring.   With the various industries that I work with, those problems come from many different directions. Solving customer/peers problems and working with others to solve these problems is very rewarding.

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