A Cyber Risk Framework for the S4 Journey

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  1. Comprehensive Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

    Comprehensive Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

    Reading time: 8 mins

    Digital technologies are transforming enterprise system landscapes, bringing with them a range of security issues businesses must address — particularly when it comes to managing user identities and access to business solutions. To address these challenges, businesses require a comprehensive, unified, centralized approach to identity management and access governance. This article introduces SAP Cloud Identity…
  2. How Identity and Access Management Technology Is Supporting People Power

    Reading time: 9 mins

    As more organizations operate in a remote work environment, effectively controlling access to corporate resources becomes imperative. Automated identity and access management (IAM) along with strategic human decision-making are critical to protecting resources and data. At the same time, IAM automation needs to be integrated into business policies and processes, advises James Roeske, CEO of…
  3. Turn Emergency Access Management into an Auditable, Centralized Process for Your SAP Landscape

    Reading time: 13 mins

    SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0 centralizes what has traditionally been the disparate process of administering exception-based access. In the past administrators maintained firefighter, owner, and supervisor assignments locally in each system, and business users initiated firefighter sessions in these systems. In version 10.0, however, the process of maintenance and initialization of firefighter sessions is done…...…
  4. Past-to-Present SAP Access Management Best Practices

    Reading time: 13 mins

    What do you do when what used to be acceptable is no longer adequate? How efficiently is your organization managing SAP ERP access and role-design? How pleased are your auditors with the control and reporting you offer? How pleased are your users with the processes they have to follow to get and retain access? How…...…
  5. Universal Identity and Access Management for Employees and Consumers

    Universal Identity and Access Management for Employees and Consumers

    Reading time: 15 mins

    As digital technologies have expanded their reach, the task of ensuring secure authentication and identity management within business processes has become more complex. Employees are no longer the only users involved — external users, such as consumers accessing a web shop, must also be considered. To help you navigate this new reality, this article explains…
  6. How to Prepare for a Comprehensive System Audit and Technical Review of SAP Access Control 10.0

    Reading time: 44 mins

    Learn invaluable tricks and tips for overcoming top auditing issues specific to an SAP Access Control 10.0 system. Key Concept A system audit is an exercise performed to gain assurance that defined controls work as intended, thereby eliminating the likelihood of fraudulent or malicious activities in the enterprise system. It involves the verification of conformance…...…
  7. Identity and Access Management in Cloud and Hybrid SAP Landscapes

    Reading time: 13 mins

    While ensuring appropriate user access to your enterprise systems has always been a difficult task, it has become profoundly more challenging as IT landscapes have grown more complex with changing user roles and new technologies. To help you meet this challenge, SAP provides a comprehensive set of solutions — SAP Single Sign-On, SAP Cloud Platform…
  8. Cooper Standard Accelerates Cross-Platform Access Management

    Reading time: 8 mins

    When Cooper Standard — systems and components provider for the automotive and industrial industries — saw the need to automate access management, the company undertook a project would affect over 11,000 desktop users, require defining common processes to meet compliance requirements, and improve control over its heterogenous SAP and non-SAP application landscape. Learn how the company came…
  9. End-to-End Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

    Reading time: 7 mins

    As businesses extend their technology deployments into the cloud, new security concerns arise as users start accessing business applications from an array of locations and devices. How do you protect your data? How do you ensure that users have access to the right information — and only that information? SAP addresses these concerns with two…
  10. What’s New in Version 10.0 of SAP BusinessObjects Access Control?

    Reading time: 16 mins

    Learn about the key benefits arising from recoding version 10.0 of SAP BusinessObjects Access Control on the ABAP platform and its harmonization with other SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions such as version 10.0 of SAP BusinessObjects Process Control and version 10.0 of SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management. Walk through the key improvements in the areas of access…...…