Inside a Multi-Phased SAP Digitization Journey II

Inside a Multi-Phased SAP Digitization Journey II

Varian Medical Systems Takes Product Lifecycle Management to the Next Level

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Mobile service provider Vodafone Group has grown tremendously since its creation 27 years ago. And in today’s booming mobile market, there is no foreseeable end in sight. But to continue to grow as a company, Vodafone needed to function more like a single entity, with common practices, centralized operations, and data sharing between operating companies.

See how FedEx Office fast-tracked an SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards project to harmonize reporting for center managers at the roughly 1,800 FedEx Office locations, resulting in a streamlined view of business operations, increased efficiency, and additional revenue opportunities. Learn how FedEx Office dealt with unique challenges, such as changing data warehouse fields and aggregating data to address preset metrics for the predefined key performance indicators (KPIs).

This article explores how Société de transport de Montréal (STM) partnered with SAP to develop the STM Merci App, a mobile app at the centerpiece of an innovative reward and recognition program.

This article outlines how Rich Products is creating new business opportunities and enhancing its customer interaction experience by redesigning its product development processes. It examines the company’s overall strategy for the redesign, including its proof-of-concept planning, the benefits it aims to achieve, and the efforts involved in securing end-user engagement and acceptance.

Crocs revenue surged between 2005 to 2007, and the footwear retailer and manufacturer's highly customized legacy IT systems were not ideal to keep up with the company's growth. To sustain the expected success, Crocs realized it needed a systems landscape that could mature with the company, and it embarked on Project Sunlight, which included an implementation of SAP Apparel and Footwear. Hear how the company gained newfound visibility into the business and streamlined cumbersome processes to save time and money. Learn the many benefits Crocs reaped as a result of the project, such as reduced days sales outstanding, improved fill rater, and lower SG&A costs.

Network Equipment Manufacturer Fujitsu Network Communications wanted to reduce complexity in its configure, price, and quote (CPQ) processes in hopes to provide more accurate proposals. Hear how the company integrated FPX CPQ with SAP ERP to decrease pricing errors by 80%, significantly reduce price quoting cycle times, and gain real-time visibility into pricing updates.

With 30,000 employees, ConAgra Foods needed to evolve beyond file cabinets and into the cloud to keeptrack of crucial HR documentation. ConAgra Foods paired with PwC to implement SAP SuccessFactors solutions to integrate their fragmented HR landscape. Hear how the company kicked off its “My Recipe” project to streamline the HR system, reevaluate existing HR processes, and leverage the extensive experience of PwC to cook up a true recipe for HR success.

See how ConAgra Foods:

  • Reduced or eliminated manual files and reporting
  • Improved ESS and MSS capabilities
  • Decommissioned eight legacy HR systems

Sappi Limited has grown to become a leading global producer and supplier of dissolving wood pulp, paper pulp, and paper products — with an expanded system landscape to match. Its Southern Africa division recognized an opportunity to improve efficiency by consolidating the data spread across its multiple manufacturing systems. Learn how Sappi Southern Africa used SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence to gain increased visibility into its production costs by integrating its manufacturing data.

Mirgor, an Argentinian manufacturing company, was in need of new system to replace its legacy ERP environment to establish stronger production communication and tracking. Explore what factors led Mirgor to select SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, and learn how the company implemented this project across its entire business.

With demand quickly exceeding the distribution model, headphone manufacturer Skullcandy synced up with SAP to better manage explosive growth in the niche market of lifestyle and performance. By implementing SAP Business ByDesign, Skullcandy replaced its manual spreadsheet-based system with a fully automated process to efficiently manage orders from purchase through delivery. Hear how SAP Business ByDesign also supported Skullcandy through global expansion, a strategic acquisition, and integration of third-party logistics providers and electronic data interchange (EDI) vendors to reach a larger customer base.

As a global company tracking unprecedented growth, Under Armour needed to leave behind its manual approach to account reconciliations and journal entries. The company sought a web-based platform that would make the process more efficient and minimize risk. Delve into how software from BlackLine automated Under Armour’s financial processes and allowed employees to step away from administrative tasks and focus more on value-add ones.

Quench your thirst for an interesting data governance project by reading about Keurig Green Mountain’s new master data management (MDM) organization. As it migrated to SAP ERP after outgrowing a legacy ERP system, Keurig Green Mountain wanted to ensure a solid foundation of business process discipline to allow for continued growth and expansion. With the MDM organization overseeing data governance, the company was able to document rules and develop standards to ensure data quality and adherence to global standards.

Farouk Systems, a global high-end hair care manufacturing company based in the United States, replaced its homegrown, legacy systems with a full SAP ERP environment and simultaneously capitalized on the opportunity to upgrade its financial and operational reporting processes. Learn how Global Software’s Spreadsheet Server tool was deployed and discover the many ways Farouk Systems has benefited from the ability to pull together and analyze reports quickly and effortlessly.

The local sales team at global bitters and rum manufacturer, Angostura Limited, wanted to spend less time on the manual, paper-based process for fulfilling orders out in the field and on the road – writing out orders and traveling back and forth to the office – and more time actually selling products. Angostura wanted to supply its local sales representatives with a mobile application that would streamline processes, eliminate order inaccuracies, and provide the team with updated, real-time inventory information. Learn how this custom application fit their specific needs and find out how Angostura’s sales team and its bottom line has benefited from a complete suite of mobile applications in the field.

VSP Global, a leader in the eye care, eyewear, and lens technology industries, clearly saw that its manual testing practices were too slow, costly, and unable to keep up with the pace of change. The company set its gaze on more efficient, automated business process testing to save time and minimize the risk of errors. Discover how VSP Global locks-in quality business execution with Worksoft software for daily, lights-out business process testing.

Interroll Worldwide Group, a global core product provider, recently looked to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to replace its legacy data center, increase the reliability and availability of its system, and set the company up for future business intelligence projects. Discover how this global manufacturer had its SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud implementation live in six months and how this successful, swift migration has generated quick results, including an early return on investment.

Wholesale alcohol distributor Glazer’s Distributors makes roughly 250,000 monthly deliveries of malt beverages, wines, and spirits to customers in 15 US States, the US Virgin Islands, and Canada. Entering its second century of doing business, Glazer’s mapped out a vision for a future-state IT infrastructure with a focus on supporting an influx of data, advanced reporting capabilities, and transitioning to a real-time enterprise. Discover how Glazer’s took this step by implementing SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) 4.0 solutions with SAP HANA as a sidecar appliance to achieve real-time operational reporting, real-time month-end sales analytics, and a single source of BI truth.

Find out how Foodstuffs North Island is turning the art of grocery retailing into a science in a post-merger landscape with an SAP reimplementation and working with BackOffice Associates on a national data alignment project. See how the business is bringing science to how it manages its stock for its retail, wholesale, and liquor brands. Learn how the SAP software and aligned data are improving data visibility, inventory management, reporting, and decision making; enhancing customer satisfaction, promotion planning, and invoice reconciliation; and leading to better customer relationship management activities, such as customer loyalty programs and online shopping.

Colombian chocolate manufacturer Casa Luker began to grow into international markets and thus required an updated SAP ERP system to ensure the company could meet compliance standards and modernize its business practices with access to real-time data. Discover how the company implemented SAP HANA along with SAP HANA studio and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to significantly decrease critical report generation, improve quality management, and gain new insight into production processes.

The global 2008 financial crisis presented a multitude of challenges for companies in the insurance industry, including higher pressure on margins and strict regulatory reporting requirements. Swiss Re, a global provider of leading wholesale resinsurance and insurance, was not immune to these challenges. To help overcome these hurdles, Swiss Re undertook a multi-year finance transformation journey called the ATLAS Project. Read how Swiss Re’s Reinsurance Finance division uses SAP S/4HANA Finance as the centerpiece of a transformation defined by simplification, integration, and automation of finance processes, and reach its target of a five-day close.

Among golf enthusiasts, David Leadbetter Golf is a household name in golf instruction, including personal lessons, product design, and training goods and services. This article explores how the growing company transitioned from relying on spreadsheet-based manual processes to SAP Business One in the cloud in order to achieve a 15% increase in revenue, 10% decrease in operational costs, and optimized stock levels with a 17% reduction in inventory.

Edesia Nutrition, a small nonprofit committed to treating and preventing global childhood malnutrition, manufactures ready-to-use food products that do not require water or refrigeration. Read this article to learn about Edesia’s journey to simplify its business processes with SAP Business One. The cloud solution for small and medium-size (SME) organizations gave Edesia the ability to trace raw materials from start to finish and enhanced visibility into its entire production process, which ultimately will allow it to provide more lifesaving foods to more children in need.

GRAY Gallery customers expect personalized attention and immediacy whether they visit the brick-and-mortar gallery in Hollywood, California, or shop for high-end art, jewelry, and craft products online. This article takes you inside the doors of the renowned gallery, looking at how with SAP Anywhere it can closely mirror the physical shopping experience with a virtual model by integrating its customer relationship management (CRM), real-time inventory, point-of-sale, and website functionality into one simple-to-manage cloud application.

New York Life Insurance Company, one of the largest life insurers in the world, is responding to the dramatic changes sweeping through the business world by accelerating its evolution into a more agile enterprise. In particular, the organization is speeding up analytics for real-time insight and improving process efficiencies around data access and management. Discover how New York Life implemented SAP S/4HANA Finance in a managed SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud environment to enable instant financial insights, faster processes, and more strategic use of its financial data.

In keeping with its commitment to efficiency, National Grid needed to simplify its procurement process for its customers and internal users. After a move to SAP ERP and SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM), the business decided a move to the cloud would improve its system scalability as well as the supplier experience. Learn how the gas and electric company worked collaboratively and proficiently to address its setbacks and propel the company into a new mindset for achieving business and IT efficiency with SAP Ariba solutions.

With 40 SAP systems, 213 interfaces, and 30TB of data across development, test, and production environments, Celanese — a specialty materials company based in Texas — knew it needed a way to decrease its annual SAP operational costs. By partnering with IBM and leveraging IBM Cloud Managed Services for SAP, the company was able to migrate its SAP data center and transition away from a capital expense model. Learn how Celanese reduced operational costs by over 50%, increased flexibility for delivery of the SAP platform and operations, and improved service levels for its managed infrastructure.

Dolby Laboratories, a leader in audio, video, and voice technology, has always been on the technological cutting-edge. But when it came to internal business intelligence (BI) solutions, Dolby had room for improvement. Lengthy delays, data redundancy, and lack of agility hampered the company from deriving insights as fast as it wanted. Learn about Dolby’s journey to real-time, easy-to-use BI via SAP Business Warehouse 7.5 powered by SAP HANA. Discover how Dolby is leveraging the SAP HANA platform to transform its BI environment for dramatically faster performance, broader adoption, and immediate answers to the most pressing business questions.  

Lannett Company, Inc. is a growing pharmaceutical firm – in fact, Fortune named Lannett Company, Inc. the fastest-growing company of 2015. This rapid growth made the company’s manual-based testing processes untenable. With its new acquisitions and intricate business processes, Lannett could no longer afford the time and resources needed to perform regression testing the old-fashioned way. Learn how Lannett used Worksoft Certify to automate 90% of its SAP business process testing, reduce production defects by 60%, and achieve a 40% reduction in testing time per project - freeing up resources for greater innovation in the growing company.

Scotts Miracle-Gro, a household name for lawn and garden products, took a hard look at how to best improve its account reconciliation process. Exceptions, discrepancies, and manual, spreadsheet-based processes were cropping up across its SAP landscape, making reconciliation difficult and time consuming for preparers, approvers, and internal auditors alike. It was time for the company to weed out inefficiencies and plant best practices to revive its account reconciliation process. Find out how Scotts Miracle-Gro automated account reconciliation, certification, and monitoring of account activity while providing end-to-end visibility throughout the company.

In 2006, the European Union passed a new regulation that heralded dramatic changes for Varian Medical Systems, a producer of medical devices for oncology, imaging, and proton therapy. Under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, Varian had to reengineer many of its products in order to make their chemical compositions environmentally compliant. This was a big task, and Varian needed a solution that could aid them along every step of the way, from efficient reengineering to transparent manufacturing. Learn how Varian adopted SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to meet complex compliance requirements and, in the process, streamline and improve its engineering and production departments.

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