How SAPinsider Delivers Key Insights to Address Business Challenges

How SAPinsider Delivers Key Insights to Address Business Challenges

With a Special Testimonial from Kevin McCollom, Global Vice President, SAP

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“The brand speaks about a very trusted relationship between SAP and SAPinsider. I remember when I first heard SAPinsider I thought, who wouldn’t want to go to an SAPinsider [event]? And then I found out that there was a whole range of additional offerings to deliver and gain insight and share it among the SAP community and I was blown away. That was more than 15 years ago,” said Kevin McCollom, Global Vice President at SAP, in a recent conversation with SAPinsider.

To McCollom, insight is the key to solving many challenges that SAP customers face today, and a deliverable that can come in multiple formats, including events, expert-written articles, publications, videos, case studies, and webinars. “There was a day when we talked about how we needed data to drive our decisions. Then the day came when we had too much data and we needed to separate out the important information. SAPinsider is at the center [of this data] to be able to gain, consolidate, and correlate insight across a broad spectrum of the ecosystem and deliver that in relevant, timely, impactful ways.”

SAPinsider is now delivering these insights through our online membership offerings.

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Benefits of membership include:

  • Full access to SAPinsider expert articles, webinars, and profiles libraries
  • Exclusive monthly benchmark research reports and briefs
  • SAPinsider Magazine (quarterly digital subscription)
  • Access to hundreds of SAPinsider event presentations
  • Monthly ‘Ask the Experts’ webinar series

“Customers don’t have time to digest the volume of information that exists in the world. They need synthesized, deep insights from experts,” says McCollom. He notes that SAPinsider provides information about what types of decisions organizations need to be making along with lessons learned by others in the SAPinsider Community, which can be shared and gleaned from.

“Organizations are trying to figure out how to respond to these scenarios and figure out how to become disruptive in their own industry so they don’t become commodities. They’re looking for key insights. If information is the fuel for making tactics and decisions, insight is the fuel for making strategy and moving [those strategies] forward.”

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