SAP Enterprise Architect Virtual Global Summit

SAP Enterprise Architect Virtual Global Summit

This three-day virtual event explored leading-edge tools, competencies, and practices that can help your team and enable your business to adapt and thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

Watch On Demand Sessions now including:

  • Corporate Explorers: How Corporations Can Beat Startups at the Innovation Game
  • Sustainability is the NEXT Frontier of Digital Transformation
  • The Future of (Cloud) ERP
  • ERP Modernization: The Hidden Route to Business Application Renovation and Innovation
  • RISE with SAP – Why Enterprise Architecture is Key to Success
  • The Evolution of the Enterprise Architect
  • Women in Tech: How EA’s Can Prepare the Next Generation of EA’s – and Themselves
  • Architecting the Enterprise with Practical Sustainability
  • Re-birth of Enterprise Architecture in Hybrid Worlds
  • SAP Cloud Strategy: Where do all the Legos Fit
  • Cloud ERP & Modular ERP: Beyond the hype and buzzwords
  • AI for Every SAP Customer
  • And more

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