What is Business Analytics? Starting with a Blank Page, Creating a Common Language

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Taking time to understand the real-world problem you are trying to solve for

⇨ Prototyping to inform design conversations with end-users

⇨ Why taking a Human Centered Design approach to designing SAP analytics tools is best

We typically go from data, model, decision, value. But value is subjective, and, in more instances than not, we miss the mark. Creating re-work, frustration, incurring more cost, chasing value. So why not start with defining value. Start by asking what’s the business problem we are trying to solve for? Sitting on the problem first, being patient with each other. This is not a luxury we have when we are constrained by tight deadlines, conflicting priorities. When we do choose to give ourselves permission to sit and listen and learn from each other, this is when the real magic begins.

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