Enterprise Artificial Intelligence – Embedded AI

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence – Embedded AI

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If your company has not begun building an artificial intelligence (AI) strategy, it may risk falling behind competitors. That could mean lagging in areas of innovation that AI can enable, including improved or new products, reduced risks, and a better bottom line. There is good news for SAP customers: SAP has already begun embedding AI into its offerings, intending to make them ready to use. Additionally, SAP provides development platforms with AI capabilities that will enable customers and partners to enhance SAP systems with AI innovations. How can SAP customers incorporate SAP’s AI work into their own strategy?

In an exclusive piece for SAPinsider, Dr. Feiyu Xu, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence at SAP teams up with Maximilian Herrmann, Project Consultant and Storyteller at SAP, to detail SAP’s plan for AI both within and complementary to its products, as well as what the vendor and its customers have already achieved in the AI space.

Read this column and discover:

- The growing market and demand for AI across many industries and the common roadblocks to adoption that companies are facing;

- How SAP embeds AI into processes and applications, and how it develops ready-to-use AI functionalities with its internal “AI Factory” approach;

- The AI-powered products and services that SAP currently offers and how customers can use them; and

- An embedded AI use case for increasing efficiency around supplier invoice processing already in use by more than 100 small business and medium enterprise (SME) SAP customers.

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