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The Y NSW’s SuccessFactors Journey – Lessons Post Launch

The Y NSW required an integrated HRIS to meet the business needs, which would support recruitment, onboarding and changes to employment information, including an LMS that could track qualifications, and host e-learning.

The lack of integration in the existing human resources systems meant information was hard to locate, reports relied on manipulation of excel data and the business lacked confidence in systems. The new system had to be user friendly for team members ranging in age, tech ability, employment status (i.e. permanent and very casual staff) from recruitment to exit.

The implementation achieved:

  • An integrated HRIS with Resource Hub (user friendly reference guides and FAQ’s webpage launched at the same time)
  • Accurate data and reporting leading to manager confidence
  • Qualification compliance increase from 54% in system to 89% in system

Hear how The Y NSW prepared for the implementation and kept their end-users at the forefront of all decisions, ensuring there was full understanding of the business requirements to implement a solution that was fit for future needs and ensure they had a team dedicated to the transition and launch.

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