HR Technology Adoption Creates Difficult Balance for HR Leaders

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⇨ The global pandemic fast-tracked HR technology adoption, empowering businesses to enhance efficiency and productivity via automation.

⇨ HR professionals face a growing impact from automation breakthroughs in core HR operations, as seen through job cuts at leading software and technology firms.

⇨ To achieve greater efficiency and enhanced employee experiences, SAPinsider organizations must strike a delicate balance between automation and human touch in modernizing HR processes. This transformation is exemplified by SAP's evolution from Human Capital Management (HCM) to Human Experience Management (HXM).

Coming out of COVID-19, most SAPinsider organizations (62% of survey respondents) said they were accelerating investments in HR technology. In recent months, the impact of recent HR technology investments has become apparent amid ongoing layoffs in the software technology sector. A 365 Data Science report revealed that HR teams are among those most affected by automation advancements, comprising 28% of total layoffs since the fourth quarter of 2022.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's recent announcement to cut its workforce again is a sign layoffs may continue across the technology industry. As a result, it is crucial to explore the ever-evolving role of HR technology in organizations and the implications of this trend on HR professionals. This article will discuss how SAP's shift from Human Capital Management (HCM) to Human Experience Management (HXM) can help organizations navigate this complex landscape.

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