Opportunity Marketplace – Putting Employees in the Driver’s Seat of their Own Growth

Meet the Experts

  • Megan Fife

    PMP, Principal HXM Solution Advisor, HXM Presales, SAP SuccessFactors (USA)

Key Takeaways

⇨ Discover how Opportunity Marketplace empowers employees to take control of their own growth and development

⇨ Connecting employees with relevant opportunities such as mentoring, learning programs, and career paths, it enables them to unlock their full potential and drive their own success

⇨ How the innovative platform can create a culture of continuous learning, improve employee mobility and retention, and build an agile workforce

Employees want to reach their full potential. But when opportunities are difficult to find and the path forward is unclear, they can feel blocked and frustrated. What’s needed is a better way to connect employees to new opportunities – whether it’s connecting with a mentor, learning new skills, or even taking a fellowship to gain knowledge of a different area of the business. When employees can quickly access new opportunities and chart a way forward, a mindset shift occurs. Your people become more optimistic, and your culture becomes more forward looking.

Through demonstration and discussion, this session will dig into Opportunity Marketplace, both existing capabilities and future vision, and show how all employees can receive targeted recommendations when it comes to fellowships, learning opportunities, mentoring and open requisitions, and future career paths. This will allow your organization to:

  • Create an agile workforce
  • Improve mobility and retention
  • Build a culture of continuous learning
  • Upskill your workforce quickly

Read the presentation here.

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