(Necessity Is) the Mother of Invention: Securing Rapid Cloud Transformation through Shared Fate

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Cloud transformation, as well as securing it, is HARD!! It’s a multi-dimensional problem that nobody is ready for and will put significant stress on the organization.

⇨ How should we work towards the best possible security outcomes, among teams within each organization, and across partners and cloud providers.

⇨ Hear how SAP operating at a scale most will never have to) and our peers are starting to share our own learning, missteps, and successes, and hopefully help you avoid some of the hard lessons we learned.

“The future is already here – it is not evenly distributed.” Despite early adopters moving to the public cloud a decade ago, we are still at the beginning of Cloud Transformation. The impact of this change cascades through organizations in teams that you are unlikely to be ready for. A cloud-native approach requires a transformation that cascades well beyond developer teams into all layers of the organization. Cloud best practices haven’t been defined yet. Our established frameworks and playbooks built on decades of experience don’t apply well to the cloud, so how do we explain that to our colleagues, partners, auditors, and customers?

We face new security risks, but the cybersecurity industry is undergoing its own transition to the cloud, with vendors and offerings, and even market categories are constantly changing. Meanwhile, the major cloud providers mature their own services at a rapid rate. SAP navigated these challenges as our multi-cloud landscape grew rapidly, by adopting an approach of shared fate across the organization. Learn from our experience to secure your own cloud journey.

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