How Fiori Capability is Transforming UX at Contact Energy

Meet the Experts

  • Craig Brown

    Application Support & Enhancement Manager, Contact Energy (NZ)

  • Bilha Reed

    Solution Analyst - Asset Management, Contact Energy (NZ)

Key Takeaways

⇨ Prototyping to inform design conversations with end-users

⇨ Ensure your UX hinges off your design, which maps to your business process

⇨ How role mapping and security design impacts your UX

The Contact Energy application team set out to equip themselves with Fiori101 knowledge through the “5 Steps to Fiori for Customer Bootcamp”. These new skills would assist in transforming their 10+ year old SAP UI to a Fiori based UX that would engage their SAP users.

Using this new capability to iteratively build a day-1 Fiori solution in collaboration with the business, the Contact Energy team have developed a set of overarching Fiori design principles and evaluated the pros and cons out standard delivered SAP content vs build from scratch. The Fiori based solution has given end-users a degree of control for their UX. In six months developed our own internal Fiori capability, from zero to hero and established the basis for a Fiori Centre of Excellence that will be responsible for the ongoing support and development of the Fiori solution. Like all components of SAP there are different ways to skin the SAP Fiori cat. There is no right solution, but you need to think about the influencing factors.

Read the presentation here.

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