Designing Organizations Using Human Centered Design, Data and Insights

Meet the Experts

Key Takeaways

⇨ The importance of human centered design and input from your people when designing organizations

⇨ The need for a structured (yet agile!) approach

⇨ How an SAP BTP certified data visualization and dashboarding tool can play in decision making

Today’s future-focused organizations are evolving their operating models and organization design more often than ever to align their strategy and capability to performance.

This session will draw on two Government department use cases, their recent journeys and the underlying methodology used to guide them through their organization design projects.

Learn how they achieved highly successful outcomes by focusing on understanding data, listening to their people, and considering their strategy to design a fit-for-purpose, adaptive, and effective structure. Jo will also draw on her expertise as an independent org consultant with 20 years’ experience.

Read the presentation here.

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