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Customer Case Study: Go Live Tips, Tricks, and Optimizations Post SAP S/4HANA Migration

Key Takeaways

⇨ Archive, Archive, Archive…

⇨ Do your housekeeping BEFORE

⇨ Beware of your Garbage

Spend this session with Jabil, a global manufacturing solutions provider, to hear valuable tips and tricks their team learned during a brownfield migration cutover. Based on Jabil's massive SAP S4/HANA migration experience, understand any potential roadblocks that you could face after your go live. Find out how to successfully navigate post migration optimization of your Hana database in a real-world environment. Learn how Jabil's business has embraced transformation and innovation in their new future ready S4 environment. Finally, gain insight into flexibility and elasticity that can be found in a Cloud vs. On Premise SAP environment.

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