What Long-term Benefits SAP Users Can Expect from B2B Collaborations

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⇨ Behind the possibilities of modernization lie collaborations between leading technology suppliers – the joint effort to develop and improve technologies is what drives innovation forward.

⇨ Jide, a manufacturing company, recently experienced the benefits of collaboration between Lenovo and Intel, by purchasing their servers and processors for SAP HANA cloud and SAP Manufacturing Execution.

⇨ The example of Jide's success shows how important cooperation is in technology and how beneficial it can be to both partnering companies and their clients.

Many modern businesses are looking for ways that would help improve their operations’ efficiency, speed-to-market, and identification of errors to avoid delays and disruption. However, not everyone knows that behind the possibilities of modernization lie crucial collaborations between leading technology suppliers. The joint effort to develop and improve technologies is what drives innovation forward and helps companies stay on track with their business goals.

An example of such collaboration is between Lenovo and Intel. Having partnered with each other for decades – from commercial PCs to the data center – their collaboration has been the evolution of on-premise data centers to hybrid cloud and edge technologies. Recently, Intel shared a case study that described the success of Jide, a manufacturing company based in China.

Jide is a leading manufacturer of domestic appliances. As a major enterprise that employs over 1,000 people and annually produces a capacity of one million washing machines, it realized that its ERP system had become outdated. Among the primary challenges faced by Jide was reliance on manual processes to manage its manufacturing operations. This limited the company’s ability to consistently stay on track with its daily targets and identify production defects promptly, increasing risks for wastage and delays.

Thus, Jide turned to Lenovo and Intel intending to utilize their solutions for its new SAP business systems. The choice fell on Lenovo and Intel because Jide was seeking an advanced, data-driven approach to manufacturing management. The new solution comprised two Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 servers for SAP HANA workloads, powered by high-performance 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, and an additional ThinkSystem SR650 server running SAP Manufacturing Execution.

Today, the company can hold control over manufacturing processes, ensure faster visibility of production defects, and witness real-time insights into operational performance, enabled by SAP HANA and SAP Manufacturing Execution. Additionally, by rapidly tuning the new IT infrastructure, Jide relieved the pressure on Jide’s IT team and liberated personnel to focus on value-added activities. The transformation also assisted Jide’s efforts in addressing defects: thanks to SAP HANA and SAP Manufacturing Execution, the company’s average line-stop rate during repairs has decreased from ten to four percent. This reduction contributed to lower operational costs and higher daily manufacturing throughput.

Crucially, Jide’s ability to utilize Lenovo and Intel’s services for its business operations success was possible because of the ongoing collaboration between the two companies. This example shows how important cooperation is in technology and how beneficial it can be to not just partnering companies, but also those who are looking to modernize and improve their business.

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