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Motivating Your Customers To Pay On Time

Simple Ways to Encourage Timely Payments From Your Customers

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Send Payment Reminders to Customers

⇨ Provide A Quick and Easy Payment Process

⇨ Address Customer Concerns As Soon As Possible

It’s one thing to get customers to sign off on invoices, but an entirely new challenge can arise when it is time for them to make payment. Some customers might be holding off on payment so that they can keep liquid capital in their hands as long as possible . . . but others might simply consider paying your company’s invoice a low priority. If they don’t face a serious consequence for non-payment (for example, having their electricity shut off), how can you encourage your customers to pay their invoices on time?

Read this blog post from Delego Software to learn some simple ways that you can improve your business process to help encourage timely payments from your customers.

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