I Bet the Woz Has Mood Lighting

I Bet the Woz Has Mood Lighting

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Aside from my laptop, my phone and my TV, I lead a relatively non-technological home existence.

I haven’t created a smart home with devices that control the temperature, the lighting, the sound system or the security. Nothing is connected into an interweb of personal home automation. Via duct tape, I keep the oil-heated home to a breezy 15% C (59% F). I don’t have doors on my car port. I use a copper key to open the front door and a doorbell to receive the constant deliveries (my wife is an internet shopaholic). I turn on the radio to listen to the weather and I perpetually walk around the house turning off the lights because apparently my children don’t appreciate the value of a dollar.

I’m guessing the home that Woz (@stevewoz) built has a few more bells and whistles running his household…maybe more beeps and bells (*required iPhone joke). His house probably has a doorbell video that alerts him while sitting in a restaurant taking a food selfie with a live feed of the person who jumped the fence on his compound to get his autograph “from the source.” I bet he can randomly change the lighting from room to room to coincide with both his personal mood and lunar cycles. It would also not shock me if the whole house could rise and fall based on his investment portfolio, just because it’s possible.

Combining home automation and wearable technologies, we see the Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace expanding dramatically precisely based on the demand from consumers. And as we know, consumer demand creates industry demand…even if a bubble is inflating. (Side note: I have no idea if “inflate” is what bubbles do…but seems kind of like the same thing that happens with balloons).

The diversity of solutions will be overwhelming. What is hundreds now will be thousands in 18 months. What is TB’s now will be PB’s in 18 months. What will be tens of decisions will be thousands of decisions in 18 months. But for all the companies and solutions that will be available to be bought and sold, what will matter most is who will you be able to consult to provide the unique understanding of Things, the science of Analytics, and the experience and enterprise of multiple Industries.

  • Understanding of Things: Machines, sensors, devices….all “things” that produce data with more variety, more velocity and more volume than the current enterprise environment of 100’s of applications and 100’s of databases architected together. Companies that make machines, like Hitachi, engineer solutions with the complexity and uniqueness of “Things” at its core.
  • Science of Analytics: Mathematical algorithms, combined with statistical knowledge, combined with programmatic practical experience will drive the difference between historical MIS and predictive analytics and prescriptive action. Companies like Hitachi and SAP have rich capabilities to connect, transform, and reimagine data to create new and innovative business value and customer experience. The combined organizations have hundreds of data scientists to explore data, the most valuable technological asset, in extensive descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytic disciplines.
  • Experience of Multiple Industries: As the old saying goes “if my industry had all the answers, we would all have the most efficient operation.” Realistically, a deep and rich understanding of many vertical operations and business models created the ability to use and reuse innovations across a spectrum of business problems.
  • Answer: All of them….…..Question: Which industries are currently operated, controlled, powered by SAP ERP, Supply Chain, HR, Finance, Commerce, Marketing, or Manufacturing?

The partnership of SAP and Hitachi, will deliver the Internet of Things…that Matter. Stayed tuned for new and exciting joint solutions from HDS and SAP and we look forward to seeing you and the upcoming SAPPHIRE Now event.

I’m personally looking forward to watching the Woz keynote. Just a guess on the topic: How I was able to miniaturize my house so I can sleep in my own bed anywhere in the world. Just need to find 50 acres of land and dark fibre…and I’m good to go.

As for me….hold on for a second…..

Turn off the lights!

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