How Vertica by OpenText Enables Anritsu’s Analytical Database Capabilities

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⇨ Anritsu relied on Vertica by OpenText to provide analytical database capabilities to meet the demands of 5G networks.

⇨ The robust networks required for 5G require the support AI and machine learning capabilities.

⇨ Vertica by OpenText also provides users with auto-scaling, faster fixes and upgrades, and a reduced hardware footprint.

OpenText announced an extension of its long-running partnership with Anritsu Service Assurance. This continuation will help Anritsu as it expands its portfolio to include 5G capabilities.

Anritsu supports global telecom companies by providing them with crucial insights. As 5G becomes more and more in demand, Anritsu needed a way to enhance operational agility to assist in bringing 5G networks to life. To do this, it needed Vertica by OpenText.

Vertica is a database designed to deliver high-performance data analytics at any scale. In order to have an effective 5G offering, service providers need to be able to rely on fast networks and the latest data architectures. Vertica’s analytical offerings helped Anritsu meet the demands from the data-intensive workloads associated with its 5G offering.


Building on a decade of partnership, Anritsu opted to utilize Vertica by OpenText because of the features it offers that align with a 5G offering deployment. One of those key features is a reduced hardware footprint. Vertica is able to run more analytics than competitors while using less hardware by utilizing efficient and intelligent scaling. In addition to simplifying usage, it also lowers total cost of ownership by reducing the necessary storage and computing spend.

Vertica is built with an eye towards the future, so it offers users the ability to deploy fixes and upgrades faster and more easily than ever before. Further, these fixes and upgrades have no impact on the network, storage, or deployment that clients utilize, offering them more flexibility.

Also adding to its efficiency is AIOps. More and more, artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a crucial role in delivering the data analytics capabilities that make advanced data architecture possible. Vertica features AI and ML capabilities without sacrificing workloads for SLAs.

Perhaps the most important feature for Anritsu’s 5G project is speed. It needed low latency at massive scale, new edge-computing services, and digital services, all of which increase network traffic and data. To meet these demands, Vertica offers multi-parallel processing (MPP) and shared-nothing architecture to provide multi-petabyte scale data processing.

Partnership with Anritsu

With any major project such as supporting a 5G implementation, speed and scalability are key. Remaining on the cutting edge requires agility and the use of the latest advancements in AI and ML capabilities. This is why Anritsu trusted Vertica by OpenText with the task of providing an analytical database to support their 5G ambitions.

“The fast-paced evolution of 5G networks means service providers need to balance the network and operational demands at scale while ensuring their customers’ experience. Our continued partnership with Vertica by OpenText scales our ability to bring customers the best possible solutions for managing their needs and the complexities of 5G. Vertica’s powerful database technology will be a valuable asset as we continue to help our customers deliver the highest levels of service quality to their customers,” said Anritsu CEO Ralf Idling in a press release.

Like many other organizations, Anritsu needed to bolster its architecture capabilities. Demands for analytical databases to allow companies to scale quickly are only going to continue to grow. Organizations will continue to turn to organizations such as OpenText for solutions like Vertica that allow them to remain competitive and maxim

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