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How Partnership Drives Scalability in SAP Systems’ Integration Processes

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Modern day drive for innovation in the SAP world encourages creation of strategic partnerships that can elevate solutions to a new level.

⇨ Through collaboration, Worksoft and Perforce managed to develop an unmatched, all-encompassing platform for large-scale continuous testing of SAP systems.

⇨ The example of Worksoft and Perforce's cooperation shows that the ability to work together in the business world can bring organizations to a new level of efficiency, productivity and success.

Modern-day businesses know how important it is to deploy cloud migration to match contemporary economic demands. To be able to realize that deployment smoothly and efficiently while taking a full advantage of everything that ERP systems have to offer, it is necessary to know what steps to take in the partnership process. One of the options that SAP users turn to is collaboration with third-party providers that offer testing platforms to ensure that their goals are achieved without disrupting critical functions of the business.

However, these are not the only connections that are appearing on the market today. The contemporary globalized world always demands continuous improvement and growth which is why third-party ERP systems and cloud testing providers decide to build strategic partnerships with each other. Among them is Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility and scale along the development lifecycle which has recently partnered with Worksoft, a leader in intelligent test automation, to expand its continuous testing platform with support for SAP.

Although both companies are already seen as established and popular providers among SAP users, they understand that there is always room for further innovative solutions. Perforce and Worksoft aim to use their partnership as an opportunity to deliver a full testing suite that will incorporate a variety of functions, including migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, supporting business critical ERP systems, and deploying a new digital eCommerce gateway. The extended suite will also cover software development, load and performance testing, requirements traceability, test data management, mobile testing, enterprise application testing, and more.

Examples of partnerships like this demonstrate the innovative capability of joint collaborative effort among companies: now that Perforce and Worksoft work together, they will present businesses with an unmatched, all-encompassing platform for large-scale continuous testing. This once again proves that the ultimate way of achieving continuous growth, innovation and success in the modern economy is by expanding and building partnerships among solution-driven businesses.

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