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Enhancing HR Processes with the Help of SAP SuccessFactors Expertise

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Key Takeaways

⇨ BioBridge Global, a non-profit organization that offers a broad range of cell and tissue products, sought an HCM solution that could help modernize its legacy on-premise HR software.

⇨ In their search for the right expertise, the company turned to AspireHR – specialists in HCM solutions, who then built a plan to achieve a single software platform with SAP Employee Central.

⇨ By utilizing services from AspireHR, BioBridge global managed to complete the implementation in 16 weeks and streamline its hiring processes in a united, centralized system.

In a modern globalized economy, most companies realize that modernization and digitalization of their operations are crucial for success. And although the idea is the right start, businesses need to develop a strategic migration and implementation plan. Especially for SAP users currently migrating to cloud, a coherent plan is vital to protect companies’ data and ensure a smooth transition. Because of this, many are looking for platforms, software and expert advice that could help them automate most of their company’s functions.

Among such examples is BioBridge Global – a non-profit organization that offers a broad range of cell and tissue products “with a focus on the mission of saving and enhancing lives”. Providing vital blood services to patients, the company realized that to meet modern demands, transition from manual to automated processes is necessary. Thus, BioBridge Global implemented standard record-keeping software across all subsidiaries.

However, as a long-term SAP SuccessFactors customer, the company knew that it has already outgrown its legacy, on-premise Core HR software and wanted to develop further enhancements in its modernization efforts. So, BioBridge Global decided to find the right expertise that would help to modernize its HR operations.

This is when the company turned to AspireHR – experts in the implementation of HCM solutions. After assessing the organization’s situation, AspireHR built a plan that would lead the company to achieve a single HR software platform through the implementation of Employee Central (EC).

The primary goal of streamlining hiring processes in the transfer of new hire data between Recruiting, Onboarding, and EC was achieved in 16 weeks. Another desirable outcome was obtained by empowering managers to open employment requisitions directly in EC, thanks to the position management function. This new functionality has created more visibility in the fulfillment of both budgeted and non-budgeted vacancies. Finally, the EC implementation has consolidated all employee demographic data, as well as employment and compensation history data, under one roof.

The success story of BioBridge Global shows that smooth and efficient implementation of cloud and automation in any business sector is possible when companies select the right partner for them. With the help of SAP-certified experts like AspireHR, organizations can look forward to the utilization of all cloud features optimized toward each individual context.

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