Answering the Call for Women Leaders in SAP and Tech

Answering the Call for Women Leaders in SAP and Tech

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Managing a diverse team requires a unique and evolving leadership style; one that considers the historical and layered barriers that have hindered the inclusion of diverse perspectives in the past, and that can reflect on the ways to support them today. During SAPinsider’s Virtual Conference Experience starting August 18, a panel of women leaders will kick off the event with a LIVE opening keynote discussion about how women in SAP and tech—and diversity and inclusion on a broader scale—can impact innovation, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and a company’s financial success.

Panel members, representing companies like Outsell, SAP, MSD, and MARS, will share their insights about why women have been traditionally underrepresented in tech, using history as a backdrop to understand today’s environment, and provide ideas for how companies can create an inclusive culture moving forward. You will hear:

  • Reasons why women have traditionally been underrepresented in tech, along with imperatives and steps organizations can take to reverse this trend
  • How leaders—regardless of gender or background—can create an environment that encourages and promotes diversity within their organization
  • The barriers to diversity that exist in many companies that need to be addressed and changed
  • Measures and KPIs you need to leverage to ensure that you are achieving and maintaining a diverse workplace

It’s not too late to register to attend. You will be joined by 6,500+ attendees and will receive access to 200+ sessions, and hear insights from more than 100 expert speakers.

Get social in our networking lobbies and share what you’re learning in real-time by using the hashtag #SAPinsider2020. See you soon!

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