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SAP Master Data Workflow – Delivering Mutli-Team Automation, Compliance and Reporting to the Business

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⇨ Business teams face challenges in automating and ensuring compliance in multi-team master data entry. These challenges result from issues such as inadequate documentation, validation shortcomings, incomplete data input, and a deficiency in transparency and controls.

⇨ Organizations are increasingly recognizing the need for streamlined workflows that grant teams access only to relevant data fields aligned with their knowledge and authority, thereby enhancing their capacity to contribute value to the process.

⇨ Agile solutions that are easily accessible within the SAP S/4 HANA and SAP ECC environments offer comprehensive multi-team master data workflow automation, validation, compliance, and reporting capabilities and seamlessly integrate with existing SAP data, business rules, configurations, and security models in the SAP environment.

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Business teams often struggle with automation and compliance issues in managing multi-team master data entry. Challenges include missing support documentation, insufficient validation and duplication checks, partial data entry, and a lack of transparency and SoX controls in the process. This problem is particularly acute for large organizations with complex data entry and approval requirements, making it difficult to integrate all stakeholders efficiently. External auditors frequently identify master data update deficiencies, and business teams lack a unified, reportable view of all master data activity, resulting in hidden bottlenecks and delays. While in-house solutions are often costly to develop and maintain, they also fall short of meeting the organization’s comprehensive multi-team master data workflow and global reporting needs.

To address these challenges, organizations must first assess their business teams’ readiness and toolsets for multi-team master data workflows, compliance, audits, and reporting. Additionally, they need a strategic approach to manage ongoing master data entry deficiencies and seek ways to seamlessly integrate high-integrity multi-team master data processes into cloud-based tools and their SAP system.

 Considering the complexities organizations face, finding a commercially accessible solution with configurability tailored to specific business needs is crucial. Streamlined workflows, granting teams access to relevant data fields based on their knowledge and authority, are essential for enhanced productivity. Implementing lightweight, agile solutions within SAP environments offers comprehensive automation, validation, compliance, and reporting capabilities. These solutions seamlessly integrate with existing SAP data and security models, ensuring SoX 404 compliance and real-time process transparency for efficient data management and accountability.

View this webinar on-demand hosted by SAPinsider and Promenta to learn how SAP master data workflow delivers mutli-team through automation, compliance and reporting to the business.

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