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Moving SAP ERP to the Cloud – Considerations and Best Practices

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Key Takeaways

⇨ RISE with SAP is key in transforming your business into an intelligent enterprise.

⇨ SAP BTP helps accelerate cloud moves, keeps the core clean, integrates business processes, and enhances planning functions.

⇨ Working with a trusted partner can help companies maximize the value of their cloud move.

In a bid to transition from legacy to modern data platforms, organizations of all stripes and sizes are moving their on-premises SAP ERP applications to the cloud. The rationale is irrefutable: the cloud offers a multitude of tangible benefits that accelerate agility, innovation, and digital transformation. In this webinar, Deloitte Consulting Senior Manager Sarah Lottman and SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Senior Director Reddy Venumbaka explain the best strategies and considerations to make the transition as seamless, efficient, and productive as possible.

This webinar on-demand focuses on moving SAP ERP to the cloud, including how to maximize the value realized with RISE with SAP and strategies to leverage SAP BTP throughout the process. Learn about Deloitte’s approach, best practices developed from previous client journeys, and why keeping a clean core is critical to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

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