Integrate SAP S/4HANA Processes with Microsoft Teams

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Identify the benefits of Teams integration for processes in your organization.

⇨ Understand key considerations in extending processes into Teams.

⇨ ¬†Explain how Looply can bring notification and approval processes from S/4HANA and other enterprise products into Teams.

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As many employees now live in Microsoft Teams, organizations are facing the challenge of how to bring process tasks and notifications to employees in the most easily accessible way.

In this session we will discuss the benefits of process integration with Microsoft Teams, and key challenges and considerations when designing such processes.
We will introduce Looply, the integration platform for SAP and Teams processes, and demonstrate how you can extend key SAP processes into Teams easily with Looply.

With Looply, it is easy to extend SAP business processes into Microsoft Teams, enabling faster response times and greater user engagement. Watch this exclusive webinar to learn how users can take approval actions and keep track of key processes without leaving Teams, resulting in measurable process efficiency improvements.

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